Posh showed off her new brown locks when she took Romeo to the pumpkin patch on Monday for some last minute pre-Halloween preparation. Yesterday she stopped by Ellen to chat about her four main men and their holiday plans. Here are highlights:

  • On how her boys are growing up with famous parents:
    "It must be really weird for the kids. They go to a really lovely school on fantastic grounds. They do their thing. They're normal little boys. I go to work, do what I do, and David does what he does. I think that they think all mommies are Spice Girls and all daddies play soccer. That's just the way they were taught."
  • On their plans for their first Halloween:
    "I've got three Batmans at home right now. We will go trick or treating tonight."
  • On how to dress as Posh:
    "Don't smile at all. You have to look really miserable. Like really miserable. Annoyed. And wear a short skirt, very high heels and a bob hairstyle."

Victoria doesn't get enough credit for her great sense of humor. The more she talks the more she seems so opposite from the angry lady the paparazzi captures. Besides, how could she be sad and cranky when she has three adorable sons, a hot husband and a top pop group to reunite and get Spicy with.