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Join The Conversation
renée-rox renée-rox 9 years
LOVE her!!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
Hasnt the bee movie come and gone? I Bee sick of it already
Jessamyn Jessamyn 9 years
wow she's so tiny :( Liked her better on Bridget Jones - Days! Yay Bee movie - I'm going to see it on Friday!
Jinx Jinx 9 years
I loved the Bee Movie. :D
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I wanna see!!!!
missyd missyd 9 years
They're both great actors. Have to give them that. Renee looks like she's hitting late 40s....god she looks old....
krisua krisua 9 years
Yes, she looks very masculine.
lacquer lacquer 9 years
1) she's anorexic 2) the hair has to go 3) what happened to the good ol' Jerry Maguire days!?
Bettyesque Bettyesque 9 years
Ew ... not aging well at all.
letsgetloud21 letsgetloud21 9 years
:SICK: :JAWDROP: wtf happened to her..:CRY:
tototee tototee 9 years
ohh Renee is looking old! and the hair is awful..
jenwils jenwils 9 years
I'm sorry, but Renee looks terrible
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
Juicey, I was just gonna say that. This promotional thing has just been ridiculous.
juiceylucey08 juiceylucey08 9 years
is anyone else feeling like they have been promoting bee movie for about 8 years now??????????
kristya kristya 9 years
Love Renee!
poodlemom poodlemom 9 years
Not digging the hair...
HartHypnotizer HartHypnotizer 9 years
shes boring Zzzz
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
sausage biscuits N gravy!
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
I really Don't like her new hair. And she just bothers me for some reason. Yucka
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
This look plus the haircut seem so manly.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 9 years
what happened to her style?
Mädchen Mädchen 9 years
They also were on this really big German/Austrian/Swiss live tv show called "Wetten dass" last night. It involves bets (, Renée and Jerry lost theirs and consequently had to change into costumes of Maya the bee and Willy. :)
vireland vireland 9 years
This haircut is not flattering on Renee IMO.
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