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Behind Britney's Break Up Round Up

Behind Britney's Break Up Round Up

It's all coming together now. The little clues that we did not notice before the bomb Ms Brit dropped on us today. Like her NOT wearing her wedding ring on Letterman. As you know, we are still so thrilled - Britney showed K-Fed the door today, and to no surprise every weekly magazine out there is all over the news. Stay tuned as we find out every juicy detail and in the meantime here's the lastest round up:

  • People has a time line mapping out their separate lives.
  • Life & Style says K-Fed is so focused on his career he had no idea Britney was planning to file for divorce, and Brit's family and friends were all in the dark as well.
  • BWE has a few details from the pre-nup and we can rest easy knowing K-Fed won't be getting Brit's fortune. It looks like he's only getting $30K per month for a year.
  • In Touch said K-Fed left Britney in tears at a restaurant and that was the final blow.
  • US Weekly has details on some final fights between the couple. Here are a few more details from US Weekly:

At a bash for Federline's album release at club Xenii in L.A. on October 31, the couple, say sources, had an explosive argument. While Federline worked the crowd (onstage earlier in the night he yelled, "Ladies, I love you!"), Spears was hidden away in an upstairs dressing room.

Before Halloween night was officially over, the pop star, dressed in a black minidress and barefoot, made a dramatic exit. "She ran down the stairs crying and stormed out," a witness says. "Her eyes were swollen and her eyeliner was smudged. She looked like a complete mess." Federline didn't run after his wife.

Matters remained unresolved by the time the couple headed east (Spears even postponed her NYC arrival by one day), and the pop star was spotted welling up in public again on November 2 while having dinner with a male friend at Library, her hotel's restaurant. "She cried on and off the whole meal," an onlooker tells Us.

Based on Britney's appearance on Letterman, she seems to be so happy and ready to move on with her life and focus on her boys. We are still in shock. Not that we didn't see this coming but just not out of the blue like this today. We can't wait to see what Britney has in store for us next.

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