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Is Ben Affleck a Good Batman?

Ben Affleck as Batman: 11 Reasons Why You Should Stop Questioning It

News that Ben Affleck will play Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sparked some serious backlash last year, but given the recent pictures of him as the hero, we're convinced that Ben will nail his role as Bruce Wayne. Don't believe us? Drawing on his onscreen experience, his proven talents, and his real-life roles as dad and director, we're sharing 11 reasons why Ben Affleck will be a Batman to remember:

1. He Has Superhero Experience . . .

Ben made his superhero debut back in 2003 when he donned a red latex suit for Daredevil, and he suited up again in 2006 for Hollywoodland as George Reeves, one of the actors who played Superman.

2. . . . But He's Come a Long Way Since Daredevil

OK, so maybe Daredevil wasn't the most successful superhero film, but that movie came out 10 years ago. (And, for the record, so did Gigli.) Over the past decade, Ben has raised his acting game, taking on impressive roles for films like Argo and The Town, and it's time we accept the fact that he has a solid A-list career now. Which brings us to our next point . . .


3. He's Spent Time Behind the Camera

Now that Ben has sat in the director's chair for multiple movies, he's proven that he's a well-rounded storyteller. Truth is, he showed that from the get-go with Good Will Hunting, and he clearly knows what it takes to make a good, compelling film, so we can expect that he'll bring those insights to the set as Batman, too.

4. He's Not So Bad Looking

Handsome? Check. So, you know, there's that — and no Batman would be complete without it.

5. He's a Devoted Dad

Ben first became a father back in 2005 when Violet was born, and since then, he's stuck to movies that target an adult audience. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be his first somewhat kid-friendly film since having children of his own, and there's never been more pressure for Ben to prove to his brood that he's a cool dad.

6. He Started Training For the Role Immediately

Less than 24 hours after it was reported that Ben would play Bruce Wayne, we learned that the A-lister has already been training for the bulked-up role. To prepare for his time in the Batman getup, Ben has been training two hours a day to transform his body.

7. He's Done the Dark, Gritty Thing

The first Man of Steel was recognized for its tough, gritty interpretation of the superhero story, and Ben's definitely done his fair share of gritty films. In The Town, which he also directed, Ben had to channel his darker side to make the crime thriller feel suspenseful and true to life.

8. He Can Show Off His Comedy Chops

Despite the more serious roles he's portrayed in recent years, Ben isn't known as a "serious" guy. Remember his one-liners in Good Will Hunting? His up-for-anything attitude on SNL? Ben has solid comedic timing, which will be perfect for the more lighthearted moments that pop up in every blockbuster. To boot, Man of Steel could have benefited from a few more laughs, so there's hope Ben can add that to the sequel.

9. He Can Call Clooney For Advice

Ben's good buddy George Clooney took his turn as the dark knight back in 1997's Batman & Robin, so he has the perfect mentor to help him learn a few superhero pointers — and more importantly, what not to do.

10. He Pays Attention to Detail

For his Oscar-winning work on Argo, Ben had to dive deep into the true story to make the film and his portrayal of CIA specialist Tony Mendez as historically accurate as possible. With that sort of behind-the-scenes dedication, it's clear that Ben is no stranger to giving his all to a movie.

11. He Doesn't Take Himself Too Seriously

When Ben hosted Saturday Night Live last year, he was more than happy to make fun of himself, joking about Gigli and sharing his spot-on Alec Baldwin impression. Those lighthearted jabs show that Ben's not afraid of the naysayers — and we're sure he has more than enough motivation to prove those naysayers wrong.

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Gbuster861 Gbuster861 4 years
One last thing...Philip14797597... The whole good father bit... Its making sure future generations have something to look back on, for good OR for worse. I mean think about it... Im almost 98.9% positive Christian Bale has kids... When they get to be 10,11,12 and so on... They are going to eventually see his interpretation of Batman, undoubtedly saying he's the best batman ever because he's their dad, and they are going to say "WOW! YOU were the BATMAN?! AWWW!!! THATS SOOOOO COOL!" or something a kid would say... Seriously... say you were to step into the role of batman (assuming you're a guy, you have kids and you're a virtually unknown actor and you're NOT George Clooney... THAT I WILL agree with ANYONE about...) would you not want your kids to see that movie and say what I said above or something similar? I mean C'mon...
Gbuster861 Gbuster861 4 years
Jesus Christ People! (Sorry for dropping that bomb to anyone who may be offended) Get over yourselves! Ben Affleck is going to be Batman for at least the next Superman AND Batman movies, it's done and over with! I may not agree with Christopher Nolan's decision of just leaving us with a big, if not, THE biggest controversial cliffhanger in comic book movie history but guess what... I have about as much say in the matter as Shannon14806847 and all the rest of the "naysayers" (whoever the hell these people think they are) brilliantly put by Batffleck btw... Buuuuuuuut you see it doesn't matter who dons the cape and cowl/ any superhero outfit because DC, Marvel, Darkhorse and all the rest of them know each everyone of you that hide behind your computer screen trashing every actor that tries to step into the roles are going to come out and eventually fork out the $$$money$$$ to see their movie... Look if everyone got the option to choose who played who in EVERY movie... there wouldn't be ANY movies because of the pure and simple fact that NONONE can agree on any ONE actor or actress... Personally get off Ben's back because he doesn't care about anyone who says he can't do it because he's going to and he also knows, like I said before, that eventually each and everyone of you WILL see his interpretation of Batman... For future events such as these, if you want to choose who plays Batman, become an Actor, Director or a Writer... Wait a second... Yea... Ben seems to be all three of those... I think he's got this under control... So let's leave it to him... Carry on!
Wong14808491 Wong14808491 4 years
@Shannon14806847 um, before calling someone a moron maybe you should thoroughly read the article. Clooney for advice, yes, and if you had properly absorbed what was written you would have caught the part where the writer said, and i quote, "help him learn a few superhero pointers — and more importantly, what not to do." There was emphasis on the NOT as in don't do what he did when he was the Bat. But it seems no matter what was written, you've already made up your mind and closed it and decided that this is a terrible decision because you can see the future/are from the future and know this movie bombed because Affleck was a terrible decision. *smh* and you have the nerve to call someone a moron. I don't know if it's a great decision or not, but i'm not going to just call people names because they happen to not share the same opinion. like i saw on another article, people have done this many many times with different casting announcements only to be surprised. Keaton as Batman? no way so many said. turned out to be a pretty good choice. Ledger as the Joker? well seems the "gay cowboy" can be quite the anarchist clown. hell, even Harrison Ford was believed to be a horrible choice as both Indiana and Han. well wasn't that a surprise? so how about you wait till the movie comes out before you start spouting out nonsense. i read through some other comments and the blasting going on about the points made and i find them plainly asinine. his acting has come a long way since Daredevil and Gigli. and speaking of Daredevil, yes, that movie was pretty much terrible, but not because of Affleck alone. the writing, directing and storyline were all crap. no matter how good the actor or how many explosions or lens flares you cram in it would have fixed it. him being a dad having an effect on his ability? yeah, it possibly could and the article even mentioned why: since his 1st child was born in '05 he has pretty much done nothing but movies focused at a more mature audience. that child is 8 yrs old now and will be around 10 when the movie comes out and will be targeting audiences of all ages for the most part. since this will be pretty much the first film his own kid will definitely want to go see he may try to step up even more to produce something his own child will be overly proud of because everyone will be talking about how awesome dad was as Batman. people, do some thinking for once instead of just regurgitating fanboy garbage. learn to think outside the box and have an open mind. good grief. i'm hoping Affleck does well, not because i like him as an actor, but because i like good movies about things that i enjoy.
Karlos14808443 Karlos14808443 4 years
Hollywood actor / director Ben Affleck premiered his new film '' 'Argo' '' in Washington, D.C. and in attendance was none other than Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. Affleck revealed that the controversial figure had a hand in making the film.
Karlos14808443 Karlos14808443 4 years silly little girl. If Affleck can pull-off ah convincing portrayal as 'Bruce Wayne' just how much money will you make. NONE! All that matters is whether he can do a great 'BATMAN' If he fails in the least...HA HA HA...I can only hope that this will reveal that the success of Argo was because the numbers were fixed! If they think they pull the same trick they are sorely wrong! .HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA..HA HA HA. :P
JagoFulgore JagoFulgore 4 years
DC is winning hard with this, because of the controvery. It doesn't matter if Ben sucks or not. People will flock to the movie to see whether or not its a disaster. Genius move. Vote on this poll about Batfleck:
Stephan14802016 Stephan14802016 4 years
End the franchise. Keaton's too old and no one else can play Batman, IMHO, certainly not some over-rated George "Worst Batman EVER" Clooney look-alike.
Nancy14800352 Nancy14800352 4 years
Ben Affleck is a class act and he will bring gravitas along with humility to his role as the Batman...I am confident that he will be awesome and to all the naysayers I say this ~ grab your favorite drink, put your feet up, and chill!
Bladeistrue Bladeistrue 4 years
Philip14797597 is right, but I think Affleck would be a terrible Batman, unless it's a gay Batman, but I wouldn't watch that either - also because Ben is just an over rated actor - nuff said. Bring back Michael "I'm Batman" Keaton - Affleck can be his stunt double!
Philip14797597 Philip14797597 4 years
Point the first, Daredevil was a terrible affair, both as a super-hero movie and as a movie in general. It was short, the story line over simplified, the roles poorly cast. Second, Batman (in its recent incarnations at least, not the hilarious mid-70's version with West) is far from a comedy film, and whilst its true that all films need a little comic relief, a hilarious main character is plain inappropriate to the stories atmosphere. Batman is kinda witty, but not as cheesy as Afflecks usual comedy moments. Lastly, and this last one actually bothered me, in fact i wouldn't have left a comment if not for this point: a good FATHER does not a good ACTOR make. How you decided THAT nugget was even relevant to the article is escapes me. Its great an' all, but it counts for shit when your auditioning the new Batman.
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