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Best GIFs of 2013

The GIFs That Keep on Giving: Our Favorites From 2013

GIFs are great for expressing your emotions, sure, but they also serve a very different purpose: they help you relive an exceptional moment over and over again. This year, GIFs were a more prevalent part of our culture than ever before, helping us immortalize moments we simply couldn't get enough of. Take a look back at 2013 with our very favorite moments from red carpets, award shows, and music videos!

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Ruled the Emmys

Jennifer Lawrence Was Totally Candid, and We Loved It

Leonardo DiCaprio Danced His Way Into His Newest Role

Loki Had a Hard Time Getting Allies . . .

. . . But Tom Hiddleston Had No Trouble at All

Check out the rest of our favorite GIFs below!

Miley Cyrus Twerked Her Way Into a Scandal

Jennifer Lawrence Had a Serious Mintcident

Britney's "Work B**ch" Video Thoroughly Confused Us

Benedict Cumberbatch Became a Sensation

Leonardo DiCaprio Synched Up With Carey Mulligan at Cannes

Jennifer Lawrence Tripped Up Accepting Her Oscar

Beyoncé Photobombed a Fan, and It Was Epic

Josh Hutcherson Excused Himself From Our Interview

The YouTube Awards Happened, and Nobody Knew What Was Going On

Tom Hiddleston Showcased His Awesome Dance Moves

Kanye Featured Kim in His "Bound 2" Video . . .

. . . And Seth Rogen and James Franco Made It Even Better

Justin Timberlake Gave Us His Best Taylor Swift Surprise Face

Jennifer Lawrence Photobombed Sarah Jessica Parker, and It Was Everything

Miley Cyrus Demolished Her Old Reputation

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