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Beyonce - Ring the Alarm

Check out the video for Beyonce's latest video, Ring the Alarm video. Her fans were disappointed with Deja Vu so I wonder what they'll think of this one. Beyonce is definitely changing her tone for this album. She seems angry about something, especially in this video. I hate the Basic Instinct reference and overall it's pretty confusing like Deja Vu was, but it's still entertaining.

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ShannonSoCrazy ShannonSoCrazy 7 years
wtf this post is so old
vanityvanity vanityvanity 10 years
Advice for Beyonce. If your man is cheating on you for another woman or man, for that matter, he was never yours in the first place. If you are fighting mad and seeking out revenge then something is wrong with you to have made a song about it. It shows how insecure you are as a person and a female. If you were secure in who you are and your sexuality then your song would have been "I'm moving on." And the lyrics would have been along the lines of ....I am not a person that would get mad or even sad for a man who was always bad.......blah blah Beyonce if you read this later in life when your star has faded, and it will fade one day, just know that being a copy cat does not make you a legend. Legends are not made legends are like Unicorns: Either you are or you aren't. Beyonce you are not a legend and never will be.
vanityvanity vanityvanity 10 years
Doesn't Beyonce look crazy? She looks like she is jealous of another woman. She looks like she is out for revenge over another female that is trying to get with her man. I thought she said that she can get another man in just one minute. I remember her song saying she can get another man by tomorrow. So why the rage? Well, it is no secret that she is losing her current man Jay Z. It is no secret that Rhianna is looking better and better every day and Beyonce is jealous. Beyonce is very jealous of the fact that Jay Z himself discovered Rhianna. Beyonce feels threatended by Rhianna because Rhianna is younger and very attractive. Beyonce is getting older and she is getting fat like her mother.
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
i just got this album, and its amazing. i know he thinks you're fine and stuff but does he know how to wind you up?
Mrs_Timberlake Mrs_Timberlake 10 years
I love the song!! A LOT!! And the video is fine with me. I didn't see anything to wrong with it. CharmCloud I know exactly what you mean. That is kind of why I like the song too. Not that I have this great terrible life or anything cause I really don't. sexyback
karolinaxoxo karolinaxoxo 10 years
I like this song...angry chick songs that aren't totally annoying are few and far in between, but I think this one's good...the video is so so...definitely don't like the basic instinct reference, sharon stone...yuck...the mtv music awards performance is way that one...:~)
CharmCloud CharmCloud 10 years
I LOVE this song! I love all her songs!! Why? cause Ive been thru most of what she sings about. I feel her from deep inside all that anger and fury. Also Beyonce is a Virgo and I am too! A lot of other women may not like her cause she is too talented but I love her music it makes me feel refreshed women and I can rule the world all over again when I lose hope. Love, CharmCloud
lolu lolu 10 years
yeah Hotgirl773, LMAO!
Hotgirl773 Hotgirl773 10 years
I like the song but some part's I cant understand cause she is screaming at the to of her lungs. I think she is talking about jay & riannah. And I like the rushing through the song. I had seen on MTV that she recorded this cd in 2 week's cause she had a lot to get out of her system.And she she said thats why there is such an intensity in her songs. But if you want your fan's to eat it up, B please calm down. And all the hair tossing and trying to act upset just ...just stop. I feel like in her video's she is trying too hard to prove something that we wont get. But I like the song I'm going to have to look up all of the lyric's to it. I think she is feling the pressure of other young beautiful talented women trying to steal her lime light, but it's enough room for every one. I do hate though that when she sit's down for an interview she try's to act all coy, shy, innocent, and like she is beyond perfect, then in her recent video's she turns into "SASHA" and get's all buck nutty on us. I'm getting confussed. For the fans B tone it down. OH & also did anyone see the stupid confussed look on her face? That pissed me off cause she looked like DUMB ASS JESSICA SIMPSON. Lord knows we only need one of those and jessica has that role all covered up :-\
DIAMONDGLITZ Ilove this song.
lolu lolu 10 years
yeah! somebody had betr tell her. I hope she reads this forums. And anyway why does she have to be held and restricted by those guys? who told her if u r mad at ur man, u nave to act like that? When I first had that song, i hadnt seen the video and i expected more of a coordinated performance, that? is just legs and arms flapping in all directions, i guess the recording manager saw her stunts and decieded we need some men to tame this wild cat(LOL). Okay, the song is good, I like it and I like Beyonce too but I guess these dayz, she's either taking something nice in the worong direction or she has VERY bad advisors. Somebody tell her!!
AraiSwitz21 AraiSwitz21 10 years
BlackBarbie21 we share the same sentiments! Why is she doing this to us??? Anyway l think besides watching her making a cartoon out of herself on her videos and all B has a sweetside to herself - Movies she should try movies - I have watched Fighting Temptations and thats where she belongs! She should stop this madness or else soon she will be in some ward tied to her bed!
sexygurlie18 sexygurlie18 10 years
the first time i heard it i had to look up the lycris because i didnt understand what the hell she was saying .at first with this song and deja vu i wasnt liking it at all .i felt like she needed to get the hell of jay-z's ass but now that i have heard it a couple times its better good .its not the best song ever but i guess i like it
iluv_thebritish iluv_thebritish 10 years
I told you guys she was freaking out, like about her wedding plans.. $3 mill and she's being a bridezilla? Yeah, if Jay-Z was cheating on her (which I didn't hear myself, but that makes this even more plausible) she will definitely start doing the "HEY! I'M GETTING MARRIED. And I am spending a bazillion dollars to show you all that I am getting married. So there!" SO where's the ring, sweetie?
iluv_thebritish iluv_thebritish 10 years
haze1nut, I agree. And I miss the old WHitney, too. Now THERE'S a stage presence. A voice. Good GOD, her style and voice could circle rings around Mooriah and Slaguliera. But the old Whitney disappeared, replaced by some desparate ghetto crack ho. WTF?
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
WOW...........SUGARS!!!! now THAT was fast on the 'report thing'!
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Hi Lolu - of course you're welcome!
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
lol no doubt sweet pea.........great minds*
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
babitablkjeoioaabllelallablow soooolllwwoooooobaaaa* you go Mar to the I O
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