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miss915 miss915 10 years
beyonce is VERY PRETTY....but shes getting kind of old...or is it just me
Brittany14706805 Brittany14706805 10 years
When i said streets i meant in the shopping areas not literaly the streets. :)
Brittany14706805 Brittany14706805 10 years
and omg this girl is NOT that damn good looking give me a break. I see girls on the streets in my town that look prettier than her.
Brittany14706805 Brittany14706805 10 years
LOL can u say photoshop?? this girl is much thicker than its showing in these pics. ANYONE can be put on a mag and look good with the shit they have now to fix u right up and make u look however they want you too. You know most major magazines dont let celebrities under a size C cup be on the front cover of their mag. UNLESS they agree to let them photoshop the boobs to make them look bigger. Just ask Kiera Knightly 2 of her biggest movies her boobs were digitally enhanced to be a size and a half bigger. They can do nething they want to you. Neways back to the topic, i like SOME of beyonces music but i think thats where she needs to keep it too.
cmills7 cmills7 10 years
Hi Guys, New to the site, it's really cool. I'm really feelin it. Anywho, I understand how a lot you feel on this subject. While, B is beautiful, a star in music and semi-talented. I think the only reason she's on the cover is because it's the music issue of the mag. She's pretty much the hottest female star in music right now that's known and praised for her good looks and curves and the movie Dreamgirls has been so successful, they probably thought she'd be the best choice. I do think she's a good performing, but not a great or even a good singer. But nowadays you don't have to be a good or a great singer to be successful that's the sad state that music is in. She's really over exposed, however she does have that it factor that stars are made of. Peace
PrettyGurl PrettyGurl 10 years
Oh Okay Um, I'm not saying she can't sing or that she's not beautiful. I'm saying SHE'S A GODDAMN LIAR! Don't run around saying YOU WROTE ALL THOSE WORDS in every INTERVIEW and WHY YOU WROTE them when YOU DIDN'T WRITE ONE SINGLE WORD! Where are her morals??? Songwriters should get credit for writing songs. Singers should get credit for singing them. She is a Liar and tried to take credit for at LEAST 2 songs she didn't write and THAT MAKES HER UGLY AS HELL TO ME! Her mother obviously didn't raise her right. And I'll go ahead and blame Sports Illustrated for putting her ASS on the cover because they should have put a model on the cover. I don't agree with that decision. Bar Rafeli COULD have made the cover or any of the other girls in the issue and they would be a supermodel TODAY. And it was a secret so for months so those poor girls probably THOUGHT they had a chance at a cover that THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A SHOT AT??? so sad so so sad. But I'll blame SI for that. I won't buy the issue and I've lost respect but I still can't stand BEYONCE because she is overexposed and a LIAR!
miss-T miss-T 10 years
Even if Beyonce didn't write the lyrics to Listen she had something to do with the song. If it wasn't for her being the one to sing and perform the song then the song wouldn't be good. I bet you couldn't perform the song half as good as she did. Oh yeah and you probably wouldn't look better then her whether she was photoshopped or not.... So stop hating because you can't do it like her....
Stephanym Stephanym 10 years
OMG why does everyone hate her, I think she's a great singer, doing a good job with her movies and that she looks beautiful here. Even models get airbrushed so people need to quit acting like it's some alien on the cover. Beyonce haters give it a rest.Don't hate her 'cause you ain't her ;)
Community-Manager Community-Manager 10 years
We have removed the offensive comment! My apologies!
jaydog jaydog 10 years
People, there is not one celebrity cover on "any" magazine that is not photoshopped. Yes, even "your favorite actress" has been photoshopped for hours to produce a great cover. So people please stop saying that "she was photoshopped that's why she looks good." EVERYONE is photoshopped!
ikitty13 ikitty13 10 years
I see it now! MEAN jenn_black, MEAN
yayita yayita 10 years
she is using stereotypes
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
ikitty - saying that beyonce has pubes for hair and should just go get a bucket of fried chicken is EXTREEMLY racist and very upsetting to see here on pop...
ikitty13 ikitty13 10 years
How was it racist? (i'm not saying it wasn't, i'm just curious how) And by the way Jann_black... you can't talk about a person's vocab and post a comment full of errors. lol... oops.
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i'm really grossed out by jaan_black's comment. :sick:
yayita yayita 10 years
Thats super racist! what an ignorant b1tch.. some people I tell you need to have their mouths sewn shut
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
OMG! Jaan_black! i'm not a beyonce fan, but your comment is just too nasty for words! not to mention slightly racist sounding....that's how i read it, i hope it's not what you meant!
mar mar 10 years
she looks good, but what else is new? Im so sick of her. OVEREXPOSURE can absolutly kill a career, and I think she needs to go away for a while. Of course shes pretty, but there are a lot of great talented beauties that I do not see HALF as much as her, and I am not sick of them.
lindaloo lindaloo 10 years
Spare me! Why is SI doing a music edition for their swimsuit issue? Those poor models that wait for their big break by getting the cover & then B comes in and steals their thunder. Not fair.
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
anyone can look good when photoshop is involved
ikitty13 ikitty13 10 years
Amazing what hours of photoshopping can do.
sweetnsour sweetnsour 10 years
Some people are such HATERS!!!!! Like it or not Beyonce is obviously SI cover material or she wouldn't be on it! Admittedly, she is overexposed at this point, but c'mon that girl looks good. And what's the point of saying she was or was not photoshopped??? What celebrities haven't been??? And so what if she has a glamour weave/ extensions or wig! I bet if you ask your man---he wouldn't mind snuggling' up to her overexposed, wig wearing, photoshopped behind! I just don't get the daggers that are being thrown...and TRUST me I am NO BIG FAN OF her's Bring on the defensive comments.....
Adriana42 Adriana42 10 years
Leave swimsuit shoots for models please...if you need to photoshop someone's body to the point that it no longer resembles the real thing, why do a shoot in the first place. There are tons of beautiful long legged models with perfect bodies out there, let them do their job...
lms lms 10 years
JK I guess it worked...we are still talking about her! Didn't buy her album the first time, won't be getting it the second time. :)
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