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Is Beyonce Lying About her Age?

How cute is Beyonce with her little nephew Julez? We're not used to seeing her in such a mommy role. She comes across like more of a pop star sensation than a domestic goddess, especially with all of the latest rumors flying around. There's the one about her supposedly feuding with Dreamgirls co-star Jennifer Hudson, and the one about her secretly getting married to Jay-Z this weekend. Now here's another one to add to the list. Beyonce claims to be 25, but new evidence says she actually may be 7 years older. Mediatakeout reports:

Over the past few weeks, has received hundreds of emails from people asking us to confirm Beyonce's true age. In an attempt to find the truth, we spoke with dozens of insiders - all of whom believed that Beyonce was being truthful about her age.

But yesterday received a tip that proved to be explosive. The tipster, who claimed to work for the Texas Department of Health, faxed over what appears to be Beyonce's official birth records. The document (a portion of which is below) shows that a Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born to a Mathew Knowles and Celestine Ann Beyonce on September 4th, 1974. If this document is accurate, that would mean that Beyonce is actually 32 years old.

Beyonce's official biography claims that she was born on September 4th, 1981. It also claims that her mothers maiden name is "Beyince", and not "Beyonce" as the below document shows.

Who knows if it's true. That kind of documentation they have could be easily altered. Still, we've always thought that Jay-Z seemed a little too old for her. If she was 32, their relationship would make more sense! Plus, as a diva I think you're allowed to be any age you want! For more pics of Beyonce and her nephew just


confidential confidential 9 years
I read on another website that Destiny Child came together after being parted and did an interview recently. They show a tape of them performing on star search in 1992. The tape dated said 1992. The lady who was interviewing them asked Beyonce how old where she and Beyonce said nine years old. What is wrong with this picture. If Beyonce was born in 1981 in 1992 she would be 11 years old. I always knew she was lying about her age. It is posted on youtube as beyonce as a little girl if you like just click suscribe. Take a look at it because I know if Matthew Knowles get a hold of it, it will be taken off of youtube.
mike24 mike24 9 years
mysterious24 bitch quit playing with beyonce b 4 i find out yo info and come and beat yo ass you low self esteem having ass bitch how you gone hate off someone you don't even know.
stphatin stphatin 9 years
Another thing: White women age worse than men and every other race, women with breast implants have a 1 in 2 suicide rate, plastic surgery lasts about 5 months, crash diets create higher body fat, Tom Cruise is gay, Sara Jessica Parker, (though talented) is ugly, and rich men marry dumb pretty girls, then divorce them before they have to pay alimony. But don't take my word for it, just ask Nichole Kidman. Night All. ;P
stphatin stphatin 9 years
P.S. If you don't like Beyonce STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!!!!
stphatin stphatin 9 years
First of all Beyonce and Ms. Hudson are very good friend. Second, read wikipedia, Beyonce is 25 years old. Oh, and by the way, if you don't like the truth, you can edit wikipedia. Third, don't hate Beyonce because she has the body you will never have, the attention you can't get and the success you'll never get no matter how many people you sleep with in Hollywood. Haters: 0 Beyonce: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.......get it.
spoken spoken 9 years
hautecouture928 people finder and majority of public search have edited Beyonce information to her being 34. You are right as I have seen info on her being old before these website altered the information. It is very hard for Beyonce , Kelly and Michelle to keep up with lies. This is something that her father manager and label and impacting on them. Example: Star Jones did a interview with Beyonce which you can see on youtube. Beyonce said that she don't know how to cook. Later in the interview she said that on her days off she relaxes and her mother who cooks gumbo etc ask her to cook but she just want to relax and don't cook anything. Well from the look on Star Jones face she can tell that Beyonce made a Boo Boo! Star corrected it by saying that you relax but you can't cook and would like to learn how to cook right! Beyonce look dum founded and responded Yes! Beyonce mention on another talk show that she didn't went to shool because, she was home school but on another show she said that kids in school would bother her because her ears stick out to the sides. When asked what school did she attended she said again she was home school and a year later she said that she went to the performing arts school in Houston. She also spoke of another school that she said she attended. As I recalled my friend have a cousin born and raise in Texas just turn 27 and attended that school and, she doesn't recall ever meeting or seeing Beyonce. This same school had no photo of her in the yearbook but now made a yearbook in which they added her in there. Beyonce is now on the committee board. Wow what you can do when you have money! Kelly another lie was said when she was on the radio Jordan in the morning show and guess where Kelly Rowland and Morris Day. Jordan said to Morris day that he knew that Morris was trying to come out in 1976 way before he met Prince etc. Morris responded Yes! Jordan said to kelly you was a baby when Morris tried to come out, how old where you and she said she was three years old. Me and my friends mouths drop when we heard that. I was like What! My friends and I have now lost alot of respect for them. There is no need for them especially Beyonce to do this. You have loyal fans Bey be true to them and they will do the same.
kyproslili kyproslili 9 years
beyonce maybe look older from make up! i think that black womans look older than white woman...but if beyonce is 32, it make no sence to me, i will always be a big fan
wizfirex wizfirex 10 years
Check this link out... notably the last couple paragraphs: Quote From the site: "We also put in a call to the High School of the Visual and Performing Arts in Houston, which Beyonce attended, and they told us that she was a student from 1997-2000. If she was born in 1974, that would mean she attended high school from age 23 on. Beyonce might be gullible (at least enough to be ambushed by PETA), but high school at 23? We don't think so."
asco00 asco00 10 years
People lie about their age all the time, however I have a hard time believing this one simply because her performances have been documented since she was a small child. As far as Wiki goes, anyone can edit that unless Wiki locks out the page.
Karla-Sugar Karla-Sugar 10 years
How can anyone believe Wikipedia as gospel... since *anyone* can edit it? I see no reason to believe she isn't 25.
youngest_sister youngest_sister 10 years
I don't care how old is she. She looks great and sing great-this is all that matters to me! I think she will be such a cute mommy!
balqees balqees 10 years
she is 25 i dont know why some ppl here say crazy things beyonce said that she 25 and she made her new album with her b-day and she look like her age i think u are jealous no more cuz any one who know about music moust know that she was in star search and there were britney and usher and all of them were kids and now they have age like beyonce 25 usher and britney 26 if u want talk u should know whatu say and dont talk about any thing if u didnt know about it peace.
CoCo-SmacKz CoCo-SmacKz 10 years
I have recently had the honor of meeting Miss Beyonce in person and she NEVER acted like a Diva, for one! Furthermore, when I was there, she had on NO makeup (because she was getting her make-up done) and she looks like she could be 16 or 17!! She's GORGEOUS!! Beautiful, young, fresh face with great skin! I don't see how you vicious, jealous chicks come off sayin she looks old! Make up makes KIDS look old, and I know because I used to judge childrens pageants and it was QUITE scary how they could make a 5-year-old look so grown-up!! Anywayz, she is NOT 32, she is indeed 25 like she says. And IF for some "strange reason" was 32, she looks quite FABULOUS!! You all WISH you could be 32 and look 16!!! Also, she was on Star Search in 1992 at the age of 11... so y'all tryna say she was 19 and looked like she was 7 on star search?? You guys are kinda RIDICULOUS!! Beyonce is happy, beautiful, successful, has a GREAT body, has a VERY sweet spirit and is a very talented singer!! Can y'all PLEASE give her her props and STOP HATIN' on her??!! *************************************************************** "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, I just LOVE me some ME!!!!"
amisarcastic amisarcastic 10 years
this is nothing new at all ! the stars of the 20's. 30's & 40's always altered their ages; eventually the face catches up with the lie....ha
rockthevinyl rockthevinyl 10 years
Seriously? I've lived in Houston all my life and remember when Beyonce was just starting out. She is NOT 32 -- that is ridiculous. Beyonce, LaTavia, & Kelly have known each other at LEAST since elementary school. Common sense, people.
LunaNYC LunaNYC 10 years
Who cares how old she is.....she is PAID! Although her music sounds aaaaaaallllll the same. Some things in life just are not fair!
LShep LShep 10 years
Ugh, honestly I could care less about this girl. she gets on my nerves..everything about her.
Sami10 Sami10 10 years
This is TOO stupid. Beyonce was on Star Search when she was 11 in 1992. She would have had to have been 18 to be lying about her age now. Ridiculous! She looks older because of all the makeup that she wears and doesn't need!!!
LeCorb LeCorb 10 years
With all the makeup she wears all the time , and all the stress she has to put up with for being famous and a star, no wonder her face looks older, but SHE IS NOT 32, i'm not buying that
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