So I'm back from my vacation. Sorry for the lack of post this past week but I plan to make up for it -I promise. I got in too late to watch the Big in '05 Awards but from the pics online, it looked like a night full of reality TV D-list celebs with a few A-listers included in the mix. Jessica and Lindsay were probably the biggest stars the show.

Jessica was there in her first big appearance since the split. It was pretty noticeable that even Pimp Daddy Simpson was not present. Jessica's mom walked the red carpet with her which is a different thing for the family since Dad usually likes the spotlight and to tightly manage his daughter. This was either a calculated move since Joe is getting some negative press as part of the reason for Nick and Jessica's split. I would like to think maybe Jessica is just starting to step out more on her own and separating herself from her Dads controlling ways.

I also included pics of LL - a funny one and a typical red carpet one.

And Kristin and Brody and Kristin and LC (who we hear just really don't get along - looks like they feel forced in this group pic).