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Biggest Headline of 2009: Are Robert and Kristen Dating?

It's December, which means it's time for PopSugar Network's Best of 2009 coverage! Along with polls and slideshows, we'll be bringing you PopSugar's biggest headlines of the year.

It was the biggest are-they-or-aren't they question of the year — are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating in real life? In the run-up to New Moon's release, it seemed like everyone was speculating about whether or not Kristen and Rob acted like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen offscreen. We got to see Robert and Kristen as they wrapped up promotion of Twilight earlier this year and as they headed to Vancouver to film New Moon in the Spring. During breaks from the set, the duo shared nights out together and even shared cab rides home. They were soon off to Italy, where it was time to film their passionate scene with a hot shirtless Rob. Once that movie wrapped, it was time to make the awards show rounds for Twilight. Robert and Kristen made a memorable appearance at the MTV Movie Awards, where they showed off their obvious chemistry while accepting the Best Kiss honor before evidently spending that night together.

The duo split up for a good chunk of the Summer, as she stayed in LA to work on The Runaways and Robert headed east to film Remember Me. They reunited at Comic Con before the Teen Choice Awards and the VMAs, where they looked too cute together backstage. Soon they were off to Vancouver for Eclipse, kicking things off with a Kings of Leon show before filming began — Robert and Kristen also raised a few eyebrows by looking extremely close throughout the show. The work never stopped for Robert and Kristen because after finishing up on Eclipse they were off to promote New Moon with cozy-looking stops across the globe. Soon, everyone from Jennie Garth to Catherine Hardwicke were weighing in on their situation. The evening Robert and Kristen were spotted holding hands at Heathrow didn't do much to cool speculation that the duo was together — and, conveniently, all the wondering likely helped make their film a hit. Robert and Kristen don't seem to be leaving each other's sides anytime soon, as they were just spotted arriving at LAX together before Thanksgiving.

Image Sources: NPG, AP,, WireImage and X17 Online
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huntedvampire huntedvampire 7 years
oh crap! comment 32! why do you think its not going to last long?? p*t*ng ina! are you some kind of a shrink??????????????????
huntedvampire huntedvampire 7 years
hey haters! just shut up and get the hell out of here!!! im sure much more about robsten is going to explode next year! and were sure its pretty damn goooooooooooooood!!!!!! sooo if i were you! before we kick your sorry butt! shut up! SUCK IT! suck it hard!!!!!! F*ck*n awful haters!!!
I Think Thay Were Dating For Sometimes.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 7 years
Ohh I really think they are hiding out together. Much the same way they did during the 8 week filming of Eclipse. Rob had a hard summer with the papz and overeager fans in NYC, Kstew same (not as bad tho.) so they were eager to get out of the public eye. Same thing going on now--The huge new Moon promos, appearances, interviews. They are so ready to take a break before going to filming their respective movies in 2010. Good luck to them.
JiminyCricket JiminyCricket 7 years
Of course Popsugar is going to continue to report on Twilight for 2010, it's only the topic that generates continual buzz on this website. At least they do it in a nice way unlike other ones. Keep up the good job Popsugar.
mommy2one mommy2one 7 years
they have GOT to be, if not then they have the most chemistry ive ever seen between "friends" and if their not, they SHOULD be!! they are too adorable together
spicyaroma spicyaroma 7 years
I don't really mind whether they're dating or not :) They seem to get along really well, either way :)
katy2 katy2 7 years
#twinutter Rob seems also like the stick-to-one-woman. In regard to the all Robsten story...I don't know what to believe...maybe they are just very good friends or maybe they are dating...still not sure. When Kristen says that 'I THINK it's so importante too keep what's importante yours... and as soon has I try to be honest with something that everybody is sorta preoccupied it's gonna be dishonest'...She can be talking about their friendship(with Rob)and not relationship...I don't know.
twinutter twinutter 7 years
sure as Rob's helluva Lucky, too. Kristen seems the stick-to-one-man type of girl
jenis1 jenis1 7 years
They ARE together for sure!! Kristen is SO lucky
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