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Biggest Headlines of 2008: The Return of Jennifer vs. Angelina

We've been counting down the biggest headlines of 2008, and we'll be revealing more throughout the month of December. We hope you enjoy this look back at some of the posts and stories that created the most buzz throughout the year.

Let it be said that we at PopSugar firmly believe that one can be on both Team Jolie and Team Aniston. We'd much rather go out for girls' night on the town or spa day with Jen, but there is something beautiful and intriguing about the work Angelina has done for the world and the family she helped create. The truth is, however, not everyone feels this way, and no one in the world can sell a cover like these two women — especially when they're talking about each other. This Fall, with movies to promote and magazine covers to score, they both did just that.

This round of hoopla started late in the Summer, after Angelina had given birth to the twins, who made even bigger headlines than Shiloh two years earlier. The Jolie-Pitts were happily living in the South of France, until the press realized that both Brad and recently single Jennifer Aniston were scheduled to be at the Toronto Film Festival. While the former husband and wife did not see each other while screening their movies, the spark was lit again and it was only going to get hotter. To read the rest of what happened this Autumn, just


Just a few weeks later, Angelina kicked off an epic set of interviews to promote The Changeling. We had heard that Brad was photographing his family for the November cover of W magazine, but no one was quite ready for what it would look like. The controversial breastfeeding cover was polarizing, to say the least, and gave us a very intimate look at the life of the Jolie-Pitts. Just a few weeks earlier, Jolie debuted her post-baby body and movie to much praise in NYC and sat down for a few interviews.

It was one in particular with the New York Times that stood out — in it she talked about her and Brad's children someday being able to watch the movie where their parents fell in love. Gasp. For years she and Brad had tiptoed around the timeline of his marriage to Jennifer ending and their relationship starting, and while Angelina did not say anything physical happened, it was an admission of something. In the midst of this, she took a trip to Afghanistan just fueling rumors about how well she orchestrates her image.

Just a few weeks later, it was Jennifer's turn to hit the interview circuit starting to get everyone excited for Marley & Me. Right before the storm, she got back together with John Mayer, but that didn't keep it from getting interesting. The first, and most headline-making, article was Vogue, which exclaimed on the cover that Jennifer said, "What Angelina did was uncool." When the full article came out, it was clear that the comment was taken out of context, and she was referring to a particular quote years ago, but the media still picked it up and ran with it as a comment about Angelina and Brad's relationship.

Since then, Jennifer called out Vogue in Oprah and in Entertainment Weekly, but the interview still caused a deluge of magazine covers implying that the women were at it again — all the while with Brad getting none of the blame, naturally. Meanwhile, Jennifer and John Mayer were back together and happy as ever.

With The Changeling getting award season buzz and Marley & Me sure to be a beloved holiday hit, both women are in amazing places in their careers right now. They're committed to charity work — be it overseas or with kids at home. Both women are in loving relationships that seem to make them happy. While there may be truth to bad blood between them — I mean, how could there not be? — and they seem about as different as two movie stars can be, both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are incredible and ground-breaking females. The end of 2008 proved to open up old wounds in fans and, doubtlessly, the stars themselves, but here's to 2009 celebrating more love and success for both Angelina and Jen. There's no need to Pitt these two strong women against each other, and as Miss Aniston mentioned there's no cattiness necessary.

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