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c2robin c2robin 8 years
There are victims of double standards; however, VICTIMienna is not one of them. The double standard is diminishing the role that VICTIMienna played in the affair by using the "NOT THE MARRIED ONE" excuse. This statement implies that women should not be held accoutable for the consequences of their actions when they participate in affairs. It also implies that is okay for another woman to disrespect another woman's marriage or relationship. It also gives women and young girls the impression that they can escape the consequences of their affairs with married men by blaming others and hiding behind those arguments used to protect REAL VCICTIMS. What a disservice VM is doing to REAL VICTIMS by hiding behind the double standard argument. VM is a 26yo ADULT WOMAN and it is time that she accepted responsibility and accoutability for the role that she is playing in this VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR WITH ANOTHER WOMAN'S HUSBAND. VICTIMienna has no one to blame but herself. She could have avoided this situation by TELLING THE MARRIED MAN NO, LAYING LOW and KEEPING HER MOUTH SHUT, or waiting until the MARRIED MAN filed a divorce before she staged photo-ops with him or leaked PR stories about her adventures with him. VM has no right to complain or whine about being a "victim of double standards" when she is having a VERY PUBLIC AFFAIR WITH ANOTHER WOMAN'S HUSBAND, spreading lies about this woman, and shamelessly flaunting the AFFAIR nonstop. Isn't VICTIMienna commiting a double standard? She and the MARRIED MAN complain about how society gives women a hard time, but here they are being the biggest contributors. Everytime VICTIMienna tips off the papz so that they can capture her outrageous PR stunt with the MARRIED MAN or leaks photos of herself happily prancing around LA and NY she is giving RG, A WOMAN, a hard time. Victims of double standards don't show disregard towards other HUMAN BEINGS. Victims of double standards don't sport the "I won him" or "he is my man now" smug expression on their faces(despite the fact that he won't get a divorce/always looks miserable/is drunk/has to be bribed/body language conveys that he is not as into her as she keeps bragging about/leaks stories about getting back with his wife to make it appear that his wife is as desperate as VM and that women just can't resist him).
hiighfashion hiighfashion 8 years
I agree with ElleJay
sherylynne sherylynne 8 years
Oh, and I'd bet what's in my billfold that Sienna will tingle with delight to know she's the "most scandalous"....*shivers*
sherylynne sherylynne 8 years
I have no interest in looking at these photos again. This is boring as hell. I don't even know why these two haven't disappeared yet. Rosetta, put this marriage out of it's misery and get on with your life. These two will get theirs. I don't think Sienna has been blamed more, she is just the more notorious one, and thus gets a bit more attention (but then, I never even heard of Getty before this, so that's not saying much...most everyone I know don't even know who Sienna is). Anyway, I think she's getting her just desserts for the way she behaved when she was the so-called "scorned woman" (and not even married, at that) back in 2005, acting so pitiful and "hurt" in front of the paps (and then later confessing she didn't even believe in monogamy). So...for causing Jude to catch all kinds of hell for something she doesn't even stand for, I say she's getting what she deserves. Walk all over somebody for your own publicity, and Karma might just come back to bite you.
michaeluvnikita michaeluvnikita 8 years
I blame both of them. I think she got all the blame because people knew her more.
Morgana Morgana 8 years
I totally agree with you ElleJay.
ElleJay ElleJay 8 years
I honestly don't know why this is such a "scandal". HE was the married one with a family, HE knew what he was doing- and SHE got all the blame.
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