Pics: Anna Kournikova in a Bikini, While Enrique Iglesias Avoids Naked Waterskiing!

Anna Kournikova slipped into a bikini for an afternoon of boating in Miami with her boyfriend Enrique Iglesias yesterday. The singer's water sporting habits have been in the news lately since he made a promise that he would water ski naked if Spain won the World Cup. He's apparently still figuring out the logistics of exactly where and when it will go down, but he says it will definitely be a nighttime adventure. Enrique also has something else to celebrate this week, since Jersey Shore is coming back and the new season features a track he wrote just for the hit show. Meanwhile, Anna's a few weeks too late to make it into this year's celebrity swimsuit body bracket, but now's the time to vote on the final two — so who's the champion going to be, Jennifer Aniston or Brooklyn Decker?

Image Source: Mavrix Online
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