We're here in the press room before the FOX Billboard Music Awards, and we just got done chatting with the adorable and super-sharp Kristen Bell, whose CW show, Veronica Mars, just got picked up for the remainder of the season. Congrats, Kristen! Here's what she had to say about the little show that could:

"The fans are not big in numbers but they're mighty in their roar. I'd much rather be on a show where people are so passionate about it than a show that everybody watches just because it's on."

We asked Bell why she thinks her show has such a cult following, and she gave credit to the writing staff, saying "they tackle a lot of issues that a lot of shows don't, like date rape and single parents families, and they present them in a realistic manner without being preachy."

Bell will be presenting tonight at the Billboard Awards (and, oddly enough, sharing the stage with Def Leppard). As for her fashion, she plans to wear a simple but elegant Donna Karan dress with a bubble hem. We can't wait to check out how she looks on the red carpet in a few hours.