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kezza1501 kezza1501 9 years
does anyone know what brand this scarf is? thanks
mel2234 mel2234 9 years
"And if we're gonna obsess over a wonky eyed, barely clothed, completely untalented hotel heiress....we might as well obsess over an actress with some actual talent" Hehehe that just made my day! :)
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
I love her. And if we're gonna obsess over a wonky eyed, barely clothed, completely untalented hotel heiress....we might as well obsess over an actress with some actual talent! (man I wish she'd come back to Chuck...he needs some lovin) And her slightly out of control boot fetish!
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
LOL she really does love her boots!
atong atong 9 years
Anybody know who makes those boots.. They seem pretty versatile and the wedge would make it easier to walk around with my 3month old!
tamyvinec tamyvinec 9 years
I love her scarf!
CelebFanChatRaph CelebFanChatRaph 9 years
She looks cute.
bransugar79 bransugar79 9 years
I love Rachel Bilson, ever since The O.C. (RIP) and I'm interested in finding out what she's doing when it has to do with work. I'll admit I like her style and from all the weird stalkery photos of her she's seems like one of the few celebrities that is a nice and worthwhile human being outside of whatever role she is palying. That said I have to agree that there are an awful lot of posts about her on here and most of them are a bit vapid. I'm glad she has new boots but do I really need to know about them?? what's next? Copies of her credit card statements mailed directly to my house so I can track her spending
cosmetics-queen cosmetics-queen 9 years
Too cute. I officially declare a girl crush.
evan06 evan06 9 years
All this girl does is walk around. Is she an actress what does she even do?
sarah100682 sarah100682 9 years
I think the paps follow her cause shes an easy buck or two...get word she is somewhere, a few quick snaps and they have money in there pockets...but, and no offense to Rachel, she cant be bringing in the big bucks for the paps.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 9 years
I like Rachel and don't mind seeing her, but seriously, why are the paps all over this girl? She, um, does nothing all day but wear cute outfits and shop. She's barely famous. Again, I think she's super cute and I'm happy not to see her crotch, but enough already.
febe febe 9 years
what's up with her and her boots??
rachaelnexus rachaelnexus 9 years
runnergeek I agree, my Taro just can´t walk besides me and he does whatever he wants to while i walk him. Cesar Millan HELP ME!!!, anyway his dog is such a cutie :)
Lala538 Lala538 9 years
She's lucky that Thurman behaves when he walks. My dog would run me to the ground and I'd end up all over the sidewalk.
facecandyblog facecandyblog 9 years
does anyone know where she got that dress? its too cute. i want it. just like i always want whatever cute dress hayden panetierre is wearing. they look so comfy!
RyanRachelFan RyanRachelFan 9 years
Lovely that every third time I check Popsugar there is a Rachel Bilson post!
sarah100682 sarah100682 9 years
I'd much rather see someone make it on here for doing nothing, than for doing the things that most are i.e. drugs, bad driving, DUI, partying...etc. The good girls need the spotlight too!
CAcyclegirl CAcyclegirl 9 years
Love that dog! Does anyone know what breed he is?
yyam084 yyam084 9 years
this a perfect outfit for me!!! love love her,!
holysnap holysnap 9 years
Love her hair.;)
chellybean chellybean 9 years
Wow. NOT loving those boots! She looks a little random here. xoxo
mswindang mswindang 9 years
you can only own so much boots yaknow..
annamarie annamarie 9 years
alexander mcqueen scarf.. ? love this outfit.. much better than yesterdays :)
totygoliguez totygoliguez 9 years
wasn't she workin on a movie?
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