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italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
I love Blake!! But when I hear that costars who play bf/gf in a show are dating, I always think it's just because they THINK they like each other, and not for real. It's hard to say, but you're just used to being around them and making out with them, so it SEEMS right to be in a relationship..but it doesn't work out. lol.
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
She looks good.
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
god i love her and i love the show and i love her boyfriend :LOVE:
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
I cant believe she's fucking Penn. Lucky bitch.
minahmacchiato minahmacchiato 9 years
she looks so natural and gorgeous. lucky girl
bonchicbongenre bonchicbongenre 9 years
I love her. I think she is so cute!
Silvers567 Silvers567 9 years
Believe it or not, I actually don't hate this one! She seems sweet, and say what you may, LOVE the boots. Just not in this outfit. Check out pic from the episode "Bad News Blair", she wears them with gray skinny jeans and a vest. Pure hotness.
dj-026 dj-026 9 years
Does anyone know what kind of handbag that is she is carrying? I've been looking for a bag like that. It's really cute.
melissabritt melissabritt 9 years
Whenever I see boots like that now I think "Britney". Her boots have to go!
i-am-awesomeness i-am-awesomeness 9 years
Blake does kinda give of that regal air. I like her though. I think she's a good actress and she's not crazy and over-the-top like everyone else. PopSugar, any ideas where Blake will be appearing next week? I'll be going back to the city then and I'd love to meet her and get a photo! ;)
Re88 Re88 9 years
I agree Ali and Jjlyn, She annoys me...I don't know why yet though
bree222 bree222 9 years
kiwigirl kiwigirl 9 years
oh wow, she's so cute. she looks very different from most actresses i've seen. i don't know why, but i feel like she's channeling the late mrs. john f kennedy jr. that sounds a bit morbid, but she had that regal, elegant but sweet air about her. i don't know why, but blake lively gives off that vibe. maybe more young than regal, and more fun than elegant, but anyway...
jjlyn jjlyn 9 years
yeah, i know what you mean, ali. i want to like her...but there's just something that is 'off'!
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
I like her coat
CoMMember13630786602261 CoMMember13630786602261 9 years
Shes cute, but those boots have to go...they looks too much like Britneys...
mlen mlen 9 years
i like her casual chic style. she always looks effortless but pulled together. i'm not sure if its her style or her stylists style for her but it works!! o and i envy her hair lol
AliCherri1 AliCherri1 9 years
I don't know why she bothers me, but she does :(
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
She's cute! Her hair looks great! Her outfit is nice. I really liked her in Sisterhood of the traveling pants :-)
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