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jaan_black jaan_black 10 years
her body looks like ish in that shot....what a deformed frame
I never planned on watching it from the beginning!
dmblauren dmblauren 10 years
i caught the show last night & thought she was really cute. i actually like her more now.
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
*yawn* But I have to admit I love that pool!!!
pizda pizda 10 years
did anyone catch last night on MLS vs Celtic? he looked so good as usual!! btw the Celtic goali, Artur Boruc, is a hottie too!!
lilflowa lilflowa 10 years
Lol nnnyra i used that term lightley! but Japan or not she's still not sitting on her being doing nothin....other than japan she had the rockawear jeans..has her own line of shades and just released her new denim line...has a jewellery line thats coming to europe soon woop woop! so say what you wish...she's dabbling in all these lil areas and doing PRETTY well at it too.... A stay at home mom she will not be and who can blame her......she wants to do something with her life...and not just leech of her husband....props to her is all i say
sugaraddictbby sugaraddictbby 10 years
i watched it the first time, but idk about a second time...
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 10 years
Yay team Beckham
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
It's Beckham mania. Crazy!
debbieS debbieS 10 years
Yeah, I kind of like her now too. But really, is David's voice that awful?
MollDoll MollDoll 10 years
im obesssed with the show and her shes adorable and i think like most celebs often misunderstood! i hope the show gets picked up! i dvrd it cant get enough of her!!!!
vireland vireland 10 years
Major! I just saw the special since Imissed it on Monday..I'm really starting to like Posh!
klr25 klr25 10 years
the picture of her walking up the stairs made my day! she has normal looking lady lumps in the back. whew.
melissabritt melissabritt 10 years
Ok, Ok I'll admit it...I LOVE VICTORIA. I think in photos she has major attitude but on camera, she really is quite fun. I'm a new member of TEAM BECKHAM! I hope they stay faaaaaar away from the crazy Cruise family!!
tati33 tati33 10 years
lol nyara
shoes4life shoes4life 10 years
I am watching her show too and I must say the lucheon she attended with the I guess Hollywood socialites/wives was scary!! The hostess looked like a lion in the face from all the plastic surgery she has had and the others were so tucked, pulled, plucked, and injected with botox and lip injections that all of these women were a hot mess!! If I were Victoria I would have ran out screaming from that house of horrors!!!
so_dipped_n_love so_dipped_n_love 10 years
I'm watching Victoria's show now...she is so silly and actually pretty darn cute!
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 10 years
Flourishing designer in Japan lol. Everybody;s big in japan imean heck even i could release a platinum album in japan and jeans do not a designer make, all these celebs are just insulting the people who really do DESIGN, cut, sew.
nyaradzom2001 nyaradzom2001 10 years
No Brangelina, Becks, Jen and Ben need to be to be shipped to the coldest reaches of siberia and be unheard of for at least a year. i am sooo tired of these people.
lilflowa lilflowa 10 years
Well its better than a post about Paris! Posh maybe a washed up singer BUT NOW she's a flourishin designer *i use that term lightley* and paris is what and was what? She is nuthin and never was.....she cant even claim to be a washed up so and so thats how much she's pointless!! And becks is doing pretttyyy well for a has been......he still raking in the doe!! woop woop!! gotta love it.......haha
Labellaragazza Labellaragazza 10 years
I absolutly LOVE victoria! She was hilarious in the show, I really enjoed it! Very extited about it tonight!
oh_its_me oh_its_me 10 years
bits were funny cause they was staged, they admit it, BTW,could they not have (accidentally)pushed her into the pool?
collard2568 collard2568 10 years
I thought she came off very smart and funny during her special the other night. I LIKE HER!
tati33 tati33 10 years
Greggie - I'll have to further investigate on the time. I'll have to learn how to read the sun & telling time with it.. then I'll get back to you ;) Nyara- dare I say would you rather have a Brangie post?
Greggie Greggie 10 years
It's on in place of ER, so I'd assume 10/9 Central.
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