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What started off as a dull interview where Angelina looked like she wanted nothing to do with it, ended up being another discussion about their fun, fabulous, family life. This time we hear breakfast is more like a bowl of cereal than omelets. So much for fancy chefs and all. Oh yeah, and Brad reveals they plan to start their own country and have enough kids to represent their own World Cup soccer team. I wonder if Beckham will be the coach.

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Charmer07 Charmer07 10 years
i've watched the ryan seagay interview, i see angie absolutely shown no rudeness! well, ryan seagay and E in general at the GG were asking stupid questions. all the haters, it doesn't matter where angie/brad decide to help a child and/or community, at least they are doing it out of their hearts. that alone makes them better people and people, at least trying to make a difference, unlike paris hilton, britney, lindsay and the rest of the drama queens, what have they done, other than parties and going out w/o undies????? there is no right or wrong and where to choose to help a child, just as long as one child is saved. hypothetically speaking, if a choice is given to save a child in the third world vs. US? which child would you choose to save? if it comes down to that, i would choose to save a child in the third country because a child in third world will be left to die over starvation and disease because it is that poor! unlike in the US, our government and doctors will choose to save a life, regardless a child has parents or don't have money$ to pay bills! if brad/angie's hearts and passions desire to help kids in the third world or here in the US is their kindness that none of us yet to judge. so be opened mind and stop judging and hating those that can and do make a difference in a child's life and/or a community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lula29 lula29 10 years
llg1113, You are unbelievably bitter towards a woman you don't even know. She was helping people before she got with Brad Pitt and will continue to regardless to whether or not people like you like her. Why do you have such an axe to grind, just wondering?
julique julique 10 years
I signed up for this website to write a comment just because I wanted to respond to something that someone said earlier. It was something along the lines of, "It doesn't make you a better person to be saving children in Africa." That is, to me, almost a backwards thing to say. Of COURSE that makes you a better person. It doesn't give you the right to look down your nose at someone (I am not saying that Angelina Jolie does this), but it does make you what I would consider a better person. If you have the ability and the desire to help others and you do so, I don't see how anyone can attack you for that. What else defines the "goodness" of a person? Their contributions and actions towards aiding the survival of others, right? If there were two people in a room, and one of them had helped just one person live a better and happier life, and the other had never bothered to help a single person, which one would you think was the "better" person? It's all about your intentions and actions. I also believe that everyone is entitled to speak their own opinion. I do not feel, however, that this entitlement extends to scathing and demeaning remarks on something that you can't possibly know about, or that you haven't even bothered to research.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I'm sure they're both nice, but she really irritated me in that clip.
holy_hannah holy_hannah 10 years
they are adorable...
AC AC 10 years
I think she is so caught up in seeming or being so above everything and "not taking the celeb lifestyle too seriously because there are greater things in this world" blah blah blah, that she comes off as ungrateful and impolite. I couldn't even watch this video I get so sick of them so fast.
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
I don't believe Angelina would have opted to be out saving starving children instead of attending the Golden Globes, either. I mean almost all of the papparazzi were at the awards show and no one would be there to take her picture! I mean why save a child if it won't help your image, right?
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
you are killing me with this!!:ROTFL: they also had shots of her engaged in animated and friendly talk with press people, people just standing around, other actors and Brad.. just not so friendly to the interviewers who were asking HER questions instead of Brad..pushing her up there and sticking a microphone in her face. She has taken a beating lately and wanted to support him without being put in the crosshairs.. Once inside as well she looked happy, personable, they were always talking to one another and touching one another and cheering others on... should she have gushingly kissed the ass of the assholes that gleefully threw her under the bus and prayed that she would die? I mean seriously! And that question from accesshollywood.."what do you say about being called america's Royalty?" :OY: they had every right to roll their eyes and walk away.. that was ridiculous! And after the whole hubbub of her dress and St.John to ask them about getting ready and what they gave the kids for breakfast.. Mecrest needs to get his head out of his ass (his favorite place to store things I am sure) and learn how to interview.
Marci Marci 10 years
There were more reports of her being aloof besides just the Ryan Seacrest interview. Apparently she wasn't too open or friendly with anyone. Maybe she didn't feel like being there Maybe she thinks award shows are beneath her Maybe she's tired of answering questions about the family. BUT! She's an *actress* so she could've at least faked it for the sake of her man. She didn't have to talk at all, but a smile would've been nice. She didn't mind awards show when she was nominated for best actress She made her own bed insofar as endlessly talking about her family, so now she has to suffer the consequences. She got everyone interested so now everyone asks.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 10 years
my guess as im not a "psychologist" as the one poster says is that she was trying to keep the spotlight off of her. so because she opens up and talks about her private life is she required to be that way constantly? i dont think so. she knows that Babel was a very important movie and wanted Brad to get the recognition that he deserves for it. she probably knew ahead of time that the focus wasnt going to be on the movie and ryan seacrest is a scum sucking gossip hound that is going to ask stupid questions. he just confirmed it at all of his questions that he asked and you see her laughing after he asks each one. i think she was def. alot nicer than id be to ryan seacrest. but i guess it doesnt matter how she acted to some of you because you will find something to hate about her. that is ok its your own opinion. but i think she was gorgeous and courteous whether she was short with him or not. i liked that she stood back and supported brad by walking with him to his interviews and letting him do the talking.
Quills Quills 10 years
I met Brad & Angelina at a private party in a nightclub when they were here in Calgary in 2005. They were UNBELIEVABLY nice and both made it a point to speak with every single person in the room, and asked everyone (they did this separately) about what they did for work, fun, etc. They also made physical contact with everyone (it was amusing to see some of the younger girls stammer and blush and melt over this gesture) they spoke with and appeared to have an active interest in what we all had to say. They are both VERY beautiful up close (she is literally flawless). Yet, I sit here and still do not like them as a couple! LOL!!!!
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Someone said that? That's so low :( C'est pas génial!! :mob:
Trixie6 Trixie6 10 years
Lula - Someone from E (not sure who it was) also made the comment that AJ was probably upset that she was at an awards show instead of out saving a starving child. What a bunch of assholes!
lula29 lula29 10 years
Angelina didn't seem at all bored to be at the award show. The media was really clever because Debbie Matenapolous made the comment about her "acting weird" and "being bored" and it's stuck. They created talking points that the general public has latched onto. Anyone willing to be objective can see she was standoffish but not not bored, and only standoffish to Ryan Seacrest. The rest of the footage of the event shows a laughing, smiling, kissing Angelina. The Seacrest interview was a brief moment on the red carpet. Too, anyone who knows the history will know that E! and Accesshollywood smeared her in the press the day before. I saw E! and all the comments they made twisting her words around and I was appalled. How dare they then come around and try to play best friend. Jolie has also given Seacrest an exclusive interview before when he had a TV show. She willing came on his show to talk about her life. I think maybe she's being to realize she should keep her mouth shut with the likes of him, because they will only use your words against you in the future.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
:rotfl: @ my spelling, I so need to go to bed...........
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
weird is right Jenna!!! Ryan does ask stupid questions...I would think that both Angelina and Jennifer feel weird in the same place! But they are both woman enough to handle it...imo....Think about it..who wouldn't feel awekward given their past and the media coverage.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Brad and Angie look so sexy together. They looked better than any couple on the red carpet.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
highsociety1 highsociety1 10 years
I read this thread before seeing the interview, so I was fully prepared for full-force snobbery. Um...I must be missing something because other than appearing a little amused/annoyed at Ryan Seacrest's inanely POINTLESS questions (will someone run him over already?!?), she seems composed and deliberate in letting her man take the spotlight. I also think she showed great restraint when he started drilling about how they basically handle being stalked 24/7. Were it me, I would have splashed acid in his face. I do wish her dress was a different color (maybe, a bright fuschia, very uncharacteristic Jolie but oh, that would be divine), and a nice tan would also do her well. One of the many things I love about this amazing woman is that she clearly doesn't give a damn about what others say/think about her, and she keeps all the Hollywood bullshit into perspective. Conversely, [women like] Jennifer Aniston can have quote, their "whole day ruined" after reading that Rod Stewart's daughter called her "homely." Yeah, she's deep. (not to bring JA into this thread, but she was the perfect example of Hollywood superficiality and of celebrities who clearly "care" too much. Polar opposites, those two).
spider78 spider78 10 years
I agree, she was probably bored to be there. Those awards shows are boring to watch, never mind attend. I still hate them both. He is a cheater and she is a man eater. She will chew him up and move on to someone else.
Neural Neural 10 years
I know they had great chemistry in "Mr and Mrs Smith" and all... but I'm so over them as a couple.
siouxsie siouxsie 10 years
she just looks pretty smug. she could be bored. she could just be stuck up. it's probably a combo. she probably thinks she's too good for this shit. and yeah it's a silly ceremony but the least you could do is pretend to be interested- you are an ACTRESS for christ's sake...
llg1113 llg1113 10 years
The people who complain about Angelina being "nit-picked" are the same people who do it to Aniston.
Suzy Suzy 10 years
Poohbare: totally agree. It's difficult not to acknowledge her charitable work but let's face it, they wanna use the press to get focus on worthy causes. Well... only if they are the cause because all this has done is bring themselves more in the spotlight. But like I said, they're using their visibility and money to do something meaningful. But I just don't like her, I can't bring myself to sympathise with her. Not saying I hate her but the impression I have is that she's a husband snatcher and vulgar. I mean, her past comments about the "love" for her brother and her sex life... BAH!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
fantasia..for the past two weeks Mecrest, E and accesshollywood have been pounding the gossip drums "blob" "madge attack" and then they push her up there next too him, put a microphone in her face, act like they are her long lost cousin and ask them what they fixed the kids for breakfast! WTF! How surreal a life is that? Sometimes she seemed dazed or hesitated like are they seriously going to make this about me and us when it should be his night? And I love selective memory of people..I can pull about a half a dozen photos from past award shows where the golden couple don't look too happy to be there and seem annoyed with one another. :OY:
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