After a little vacation with Angelina, Brad got busy by building homes for the underprivileged in Patan Village, India. He's there as a part of the Jimmy Carter Work Project for Habitat for Humanity. Here's more:

On Monday Brad Pitt visited the Western India town of Lonavala, where he helped former President Jimmy Carter, his wife Rosalynn and other Habitat for Humanity volunteers build two new houses.

During his visit, which lasted until sundown, Pitt chatted with the Carters and then helped lay cement blocks. "He was perfectly relaxed and didn't mind being photographed at all," local reporter Pranjal Bhujan told PEOPLE. "He did everything – he mixed the cement, carried it to the house, laid it on the bricks and then placed the bricks on the wall that was being built."

Brad is just one of 2,000 volunteers building 100 homes for others in need. Love that he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. For more pics of Brad doing his part just