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Gunny Gunny 5 years
Angie is fair skinned and should cover up with a light material when exposed to sun rays.  She has worn that same thing at other times when she's on the beach with the kids. 
dandd dandd 5 years
i think angelina's dress is a bit over the top for the galapagos
Jennifer2618583 Jennifer2618583 5 years
Ya know,  I LOVE this Couple and their WhOLE BROOD.....they are rarely seen NOT with their Children or they make time for one or've all seen the pics.  I think they are GREAT Parents, I may be overstating it but I truly believe this.   I have struggled throughout the years because I Honestly LOVED Brad and Jen together, she is an HONEST, ADORABLE, just "Best Friend" type Woman..... I mean NO disrespect towards Jen......I DO think she was treated poorly in the breakup of their Marriage.....Jen is the "Girl Next Door" type and I felt her pain when she found out what was going on behind closed doors between Ang and Brad....esp since they had been married for a good amount of time, it WAS a suprise to me at least.....BUT I still cannot help but look up to Angie and all she does for these kids, it's NOT just once in awhile (like some of these so called actors) it's ALL the time, esp since she's on the UN Board and was just Promoted to a higher level....she's DOING something...and I really hate it when people that I know just put her down over and over and over again....what a Bummer, when does it end??  Ang isn't perfect, neither is Brad.....same prob goes for Jen.  I LOVE them....and Ang NeVer calls attention to herself in normal public.....always in Black, white or drab colors....I read where she says that unless they have a "DO", Party, Awards, Date nite....this is how she always dresses, at home, what not.  Can't help but look up to that Woman......Jen, I LOVE YOU TOO:)  I guess some things in Life just aren't meant to be.....I know I found that out.  On a Good Note, Jen is moving in with her "man" soon....Very Happy for them and I Sincerely Hope that this one treats her like True Gold:)    Anyone have any thoughts or comments ???  Do you guys ever feel the same way about this situation?   Would love to hear from ya.....Thanks for listening to me ramble on...Peace out All  :)
loser60 loser60 5 years
 The article was not about the Jolie-Pitts - Just Gosip we know you are obsessed Aniston fan - once again only a maniston fan trying to bring her into the equation- no one but you bringing her up - well at least you are consistant
jonorth jonorth 5 years
 @remywillLOL anerexics never show their bodies , she looks rediculous, I'm sure after the wedding she'll get only wackier  
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
awww, nap time on the beach - that's actually really cute...I'm no fan of baking in the sun (I'm already golden) but the all black is a bit extreme and defeating the purpose...whatev's
bohemianrhapsody bohemianrhapsody 5 years
Viv's so adorable taking a nap! the Beach looks pretty local... nothing over the top. Looks like they had fun exploring it!
annie6417 annie6417 5 years
OMG!!! they are so adorable, and finally got to see Pax's new pic, cute.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
 @Eileen2610035 well thats refreshing because skin cancer is a real thing and angie's mom died very young so good to know you are wearing a hat = don't know about the fake bake - angie is pretty fair but maniston might be able to help you with the fake bake look
omg21 omg21 5 years
Vivienne omg! ADORABLE.
malikka malikka 5 years
viv is  the cutest
malikka malikka 5 years
Love this family  as for the newyorker article it was never negative to brad and angie am sure the jolie hater posting about it didnot read it and did not pay to read it here is  a summary about it from people who read the article not some hater with an agenda     It’s not easy being a philanthropist these days. Last week’s New Yorker featured a sort of hit piece on celebrity donors, people who decided to give money to some pet cause because they thought it might improve or even salvage their tarnished reputation. People like Kobe Bryant, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Madonna were taken to task for knowing too little about their causes, giving too little of their fortunes, or just being opportunistic about philanthropy generally.
lola25 lola25 5 years
You are LYING about The New Yorker article. Hate has blinded your reading comprehension. If the things you claim were in that article the media would have had a field day. Considering the fact YOU spent hours on end ranting about a couple you claim to hate...I wouldn't be calling anyone else a loon. You have loon printed on your forehead honey!  As a matter of fact...your lies about the New yorker article sounds just like the version the heifers at Female first have been posting. What does that say about YOU? LOL
janekay janekay 5 years
oh the pic with Viv sleeping on the sand is immensely adorable!! so cute!
janekay janekay 5 years
why do people care so much.*sigh...just give it a rest..the can do what the heck they want..its Hollywood people, 99% of everything is fake and staged..why go on about Brad and Angie all the time like they are the only fake shit happening in Hollywood...just give it a rest!!!!
ojoba ojoba 5 years
 @JustGossip According to the paucity of jealous ones like you,right????? Do tell how you can call anyone a loon when you are watching/checking this family with the regularity of a fan.
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
 @lola25 You loons are hilarious. You spend all day and night on all of these sites. You rant on Pitt Jolie articles as often as you do Aniston articles, rinse and repeat, and then claim you're above it all and that it's really everyone else that is crazy and obsessed.  Perfection2012, you have literally earned a spot on the popsugar top ten commenter list. LOL. I post here a couple of days a week, tops.    As for The New Yorker Piece, there are two entire sections on Pitt and Jolie in that article. Section one points out that her managers told her to bring cameras and go to an orphanage in Cambodia because her image as this crazy lady who makes out with her brother was damaging her career and section two describes Pitt suddenly finding philanthropy when it started looking like he left his wife for another woman. There's even a third section that mentions they only gave a portion of the baby photo proceeds to charity, even though they claimed to being giving all of it. $13 million out of $35 million. I assume the rest went in their pockets.   
Eileen2610035 Eileen2610035 5 years
I know I always go to the beach in a long black dress wearing a black "sun hat".  And since I am always afraid that it might rain and mess up my fake tan and my make up I take my pink umbrella as it looks good with my lipstick and nail polish.  I promise I am not mocking her.  I do this.  Every time. I promise, no mocking here.
lola25 lola25 5 years
I read the piece in The New be careful of the LIES you try to tell. NOTHING was said negative concerning the Jolie-Pitt's. You are a piece of work. I have read your rants on Jezebel and Celebitchy concerning this have issues. Weren't you the one bragging months ago that you were "over " this couple? I will remember this the next time you are ridiculing Angelina fan's for posting on Jennifer Aniston's thread.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
 @JustGossip Is that the same rag that justin posed showing his pubic hair or was that the new york mag?  Get over it - they haven't been seen at all lately.  brad had a huge fund raiser in new orleans with no red carpet - no paps - no pics - think they raised about $4million - you are way more worried and jealous of the attention they receive than anyone else
JosephG JosephG 5 years
hy brad pitt never go to quito ?
JustGossip JustGossip 5 years
So their entire engagement is now going to be a series of staged photos? My favorites are the ones that just appeared on another site showing Brad and Angie taking a "romantic" boat ride. The Paps are literally in a boat right next to them.  If their relationship wasn't about self promotion and they have the ability to disappear for months at a time when they have nothing to promote, they'd have gotten married quietly, not done a million photo-ops in what is so clearly a carefully designed Kardashian style spectacle.    Can't believe their crazy fans still fall for this PR. The BRAND'S main career is selling their relationship and their children. Great piece in New York Magazine about this a few weeks ago. And a great piece in The New Yorker about how celebrity philanthropy is about managing public images, not about actually helping people. That article is actually called "Looking Good."    Now I'll wait for the loons to dismiss The New Yorker as some tabloid that is clearly being paid by Jennifer Aniston to promote such falsehoods. Yes, the New Yorker, only the most reputable journalistic magazine in the world. 
remywill remywill 5 years
Seriously what the hell is she wearing, come on you've got 6 kids at a beach and you come up with that get up and I giant parasol???  I guess we should just be happy she didn't expose us to  that stretched out pasty bag oh bones in a bathing suit
crazyone crazyone 5 years
so cute
lola25 lola25 5 years
That right "Memoi" bend like pretzel to insult Angelina Jolie. One has to wonder HOW ANYONE can find fault with a family enjoying a afternoon on the  beach. Gosh, Vivi looks cute taking a nap on the beach.
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