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janekay janekay 6 years
@10....agree they are disadvantages, like most things in life there is always a positive side and a negative side...since when do kids get a choice? if your parents are christian, you are raised as a christians, same thing for muslim live what you life you work with the hand you are dealt...your kids get cranky when they miss a nap because that is how they are trained...does not mean their life is better or worse than a celebrity kid...just means its different...
tnorene tnorene 6 years
I do agree that they live a different life than mine but honestly I wouldn't trade mine for theirs, (except for the money...) I think they are cute kids and that they are extremely lucky to have been born privileged but there are also disadvantages such as being endlessly stalked wherever they go..Sometimes its less selfish to wait until your own life is settled before you bring children into it. This is the only life they know because they have had no choice they are being raised to expect to always be moving around... My kids got cranky going out to the park and missing a nap so I cant imagine dragging six kids around.I am not judging just expressing my opinion.
Joanna Joanna 6 years
I would think they could clean up and comb their hair before going out. Brad doesn't seem to even care enough to change clothes and it just takes a minute to comb your kids hair.
janekay janekay 6 years
y do people rambling on and on about taking pictures of kids, who cares??? this is their life, its the only life they will ever know...i am sure they are accustom to it by now..stop judging these people by your own standards. They are not like us, they lead a totally different lifestyle to the average person...
ycolette1 ycolette1 6 years
Beautiful close knit family .I like that they keep their family together.The advantages of traveling around the world, meeting people from different cultures outweighs the disadvantage of paps.They are still photographed less (average one or twice /week) than some celeb kids like the Rossdale kids,Jen Garner's girls Halle Berry's daughter,The Beckham boys etc. When the JP kids are in LA they avoid the paps for weeks at a time.Looking forward to Moneyball RC next week.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
angelina must not want the kids off limits or she wouldn't pose for magazine layouts with some/all of them and she certainly wouldn't pose for the cover of a magazine while breastfeeding one of them. the woman craves attention and will do anything to get it.
tnorene tnorene 6 years
I think that because the adults chose this life it is fair game to photograph them but the kids should be off limits..How would any of us feel if someone were to be taking pictures of our children everyplace they went.
DonnaInMichigan DonnaInMichigan 6 years
No one could use a brush on Shiloh's hair? Pax, looking directly at the camera thinking..."Please, can someone save me, this man next to me STINKS"! I see Brad picked his clothes off the floor from a few days ago, and put them back on for his dinner night out. To bad, he couldn't take a shower, shave and wash that damn wig..... Jolie: Still has that vacant stare going on.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
what did they eat? did they take home the leftovers? what time did they go? how long did they stay? did any of them go to the bathroom?
akseymour akseymour 6 years
I love seeing pictures of the family, but the photos through the windows seem a little intrusive. Pax seems a little uncomfortable/curious about the photographers.
sandarama sandarama 6 years
Aww..such a cute family.
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