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jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
lmao, love the debating...please, carry on
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
oh please, check the Aniston posts again and READ them. Tons of negativity from the loons.
1246386 1246386 6 years
donnaday, do you live with Jolie Pitt ?
ojoba ojoba 6 years
Anybody got some chill pills???
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
You know what else, I think the adopted kids are there just to be play things for the real kids. They are play dolls for the real ones while they get draged around the world so their real kids would have other children to interact with. THERE, I SAID NOW WHAT B-I-A-T-C-H!
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
Besides, does adopted kids are nothing more than play toys for their real kids. That's why they adopted them so their kids could have living things to play with while they drag them all over the world. NOW WHAT YOU GOT TO SAY DA!
Springjoy Springjoy 6 years
What is wrong with you hate filled spectators! Do you not have an interesting life that you must prey on a family and their mother!? You act like Angelina (not Brad because you never talk about him only hating Angelina) came to your house and cursed you. Just because you were raised in one home or trailor with no life experiences or adventures don't hate on them for giving their children a life beyond the borders of America and a typical module upbringing. These children will have friends all around the world who they will remember because of where they lived and the visits they made to those countries. They will be international citizens knowing people of all walks of life, not just the kids on their one life long street or from the singular school they attended with the same kids from age 5 to 18! Children associate their upbringing based on how the parents raised them just because your parents stomped your growth or couldn't afford to take you anywhere you want to hate on these wonderful children because their parents can!? You would gripe like Angelina was abusing and using her children and Brad if they didn't stay together and were apart for months end, so take your so called concern and go to the site of a celebrity you DO LIKE! If Angelina makes you so miserable stop coming to her threads, if you don't like the way they are raising their children or how they are dress, stop coming here. Save you stupid judgmental crap for you celebrity favorite and just stay out of the JP's threads. It is tiring to have to go through all the ignorant rants "WE GET IT YOU DON'T LIKE THEM!" OK!
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
Anyone that thinks these kids are going to grow up, read about all this crazy travel and moving from place to place and say thank God Joli-Pitt are my parents are nuts. Think about your childhood, what was important to you, what do you remember. You know, it had nothing to do with money. All your most beloved memory has nothing to do with money, think about it. I think the adopted ones are going to say, thanks but see you later you crazy bitch. And her natural children are going to be too f--cked up to care.
tigerheart tigerheart 6 years
Anyone else think Brad's looking thinner.
1246386 1246386 6 years
@tolerance i am JP fan and i also like jennifer aniston. i don't understand why jennifer fan love coming in jp's articles. i read comments on jen's some articles and i don't see much jp fans but here there are too many jennifer fans bashing jp. and i think people don't judge stars and their education about their children cause they don't live with them to know if they are happy or not. but it's my opinion and you people sound like you know anything better than everybody ;-) sorry my english is not perfect, i hope you understand something.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
@31 perhaps the same reason loons post negative things about jennifer aniston. @just gossip - i feel bad for their kids also. they are not protected from public scrutiny because their parents refuse to do so.
1246386 1246386 6 years
why do people post such negative things about angelina? what has she ever done to them? if you don't like her, they why read about her or make a mean post? sound familiar freakloons? haterz.
nianaterene nianaterene 6 years
JA fan or not, it's just so shallow bashing people who got nothing to do with you. re: "returned favor" I'm a Jolie-Pitt fan and I've never ever comment on any JA photos posted on any website. I just find it so dense and I would never waste just a second on people I don't like. Well, maybe there's just some people who loves to stress themselves and waste their time bashing people they envy. Who care what other people say and think?!! Live Life!!! Take it from the JPs! Just <3 <3 <3 for the Jolie-Pitt clan.
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
At Tolerance, yes they bash Aniston ALL the time and then get completely bent out of shape when you return the favor. Also, apparently anyone who doesn't like these two has to automatically be an Aniston fan. I know plenty of people who hate all three of them. As for the kids, I refuse to comment on how they look or how happy they are. They didn't ask to be judged or analyzed, even if their parents are the ones who opened the door for that by turning them into a commercial brand designed to be consumed in the same way adult celebrities are. I just feel bad for the kids. When Mom and Dad aren't talking about all of their private family moments in interviews, they're using them in Vanity Fair photo shoots. It's just grotesque to turn your child into that. All it does is open the door to making your child a target for analysis and ridicule and death threats and all the rest that comes with a celebrity they never asked for. In Europe celebrities actually had laws passed preventing the media from publishing photos of the kids. It's too bad Brad and Angie didn't try something like that here in the U.S. But I guess when you're busy exploiting them to sell movie tickets the last thing you want to do is make it harder to exploit them.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
@justGossip - Amen to that sistah! the loons bash jen on her posts but get all bent out of shape when the same is done to st. angie ho. those kids don't look all that happy and except for zahara, they look like ragamuffins.
yuhjn yuhjn 6 years
and you know them?!
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
Give it a rest loons. You people are the first to click on articles about other people and spew hate, hate and more hate. Those are also people you've never met before.
1246386 1246386 6 years
@ewqa but if you read what i said, you read that "so when Brangelina leave their home, paps follow them." So paps wait the end of movie...and theater can call paps too.
camrobn camrobn 6 years
I think Pax hates the media attention. And poor Shi, she needs her hair brushed. Vivi looks like she has a bumpit in the side view. Cute hair: so girly looking. And, Z, she's my fav; so exotic. Love her hair that way.
ewqa ewqa 6 years
^this was the back exit of a cinema..I don't think the paps were sleeping there :)
1246386 1246386 6 years
@edcrfv no in richmond site, their neighbors tell that paps sleep in front of their house. they tell that paps are so many and vulgar. Paps intimidate them when neighbors trying to tell them to leave this place cause they block their entry. so when Brangelina leave their home, paps follow them.
edcrfv edcrfv 6 years
did they called the paps..again?!
Lyllie Lyllie 6 years
I have to laugh at the haters’ comments. They are so filled with hate that they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound. This site is filled with celebrities with and without kids. But for some reason only when Brad and Angelina is papped it’s called a photo-op. The funny part is they claim that two of the most famous celebrities in the world had to beg and tip off the paps to get photographed. I also laugh when the haters demand that Brad and Angelina give up their careers for the sake of their kids. Yet these comments never show up for any other celebrity.
mimisnowball mimisnowball 6 years
I imagine with 6 kids its always a disaster, someone is always going to be out of sorts or not wanting to do whatever it is they are all doing....
tgbv tgbv 6 years
another day, another photo op
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