In August Brad Pitt talked about his plans to build houses in New Orleans, and this morning he was back on The Today Show with an update dressed in pink. He and Angelina were in NO for the weekend to promote Make it Right NOLA and help set up pink structures as placeholders for the new homes, some of which he says will be ready by the end of the Summer. He pledged $5 million of his money, and as part of the program, Brad is hoping that people will adopt homes or make smaller donations for eco-friendly household objects as Christmas gifts. When Ann Curry asked why Americans should support his effort, Brad said,

"I'm not much of a salesman. I can't tell people — either you're moved or you're not. But for me, I think of a father who once had a home here, and raising my kids here and if I lost everything and had no way to return, how that would make me feel. And then the fact that other Americans would come in and help me out and help create a path for me to come back to my roots, to my home, would mean everything to me, would restore my faith in humanity."

Brad may not consider himself a salesman, but we think his dedication to this good cause will touch more than a few hearts. To donate or learn more about the project, check out the organization's website.