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Brad Pitt's Former Bodyguard Claims Secret Meetings With Jennifer Aniston 2010-04-07 08:45:00

Do You Ever Believe Stories From Former Bodyguards?

Bodyguards claim to know all the juicy secrets in Hollywood, but iron-clad confidentiality agreements usually keep their stories hidden. Not so for some former employees, who can be more than happy to share details. The latest person to go public is a man named Bill who apparently used to work for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Bill says that he knows of multiple meetings between Brad and Jennifer Aniston, including one kiss-filled rendezvous last December while he was on paparazzi watch. It's certainly not the first time we've heard stories of Brad and Jennifer reconnecting, and those tales are usually met with some skepticism. With this supposed eyewitness account, we're wondering — do you ever believe stories from former bodyguards?

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SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
^ Why are you posting this dribble? You are 20? I thought you were 9, act you age.
kristi13 kristi13 7 years
big NO! it's all about money, nothing less.
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 7 years
You never know, but I can't see Jen going back to him! That ship has sailed in my opinion!
Amesabelle Amesabelle 7 years
I can't believe that you people are actually arguing about this. It's INSTYLE. NO ONE wants Jen to get back together with Brad Pitt, including Jen.
bronzebeauty719 bronzebeauty719 7 years
while i dont know whether this is true or not...i feel we wish it were true thats why these stories keep popping up. it is very important to note that family staff (bodyguards especially since they go everywhere with you and travel in your car know far too much information). Im from a country where having a body guard is a regular safety requirement and because they are so dangerous its imperative to rotate them. These people listen to your phone calls, know when and where you eat, sleep and meet. So i am sure the JP bodyguards hold a lot of info that we can only imagine.
Glamorme Glamorme 7 years
shouldn't you manistonloonies be up in guns about this Intouch headline? it paints your idol as a hussy not a lady of class and grace. tabloid stories are pretty much yellow journalism, they go with what sounds good and with what sells. for example: in the recent USweekly there was a story about how Jen and Gerry are just friends with benefits, although Jen desperately wants more from Gerry....says a close source. garage, me thinks so.
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