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Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @LuvKandy Absent? Please! It appears you are as full of sh!t as Angelina! Gawd it must get tiresome having to defend this broad 24/7....
sevencostanza sevencostanza 5 years
She did her best to fool us all into believing she doesn’t pay mind to the things written or said about her.  My ass.’t-care-what-people-say/
LuvKandy LuvKandy 5 years
Angelina gave these comments to whom? Another made up non story because she's been absent from the tabloids.
CristalWater CristalWater 5 years
 Angelina's Oscars gaffe is now known as the "joke-a-thon",  lol, this is just beyond embarrassing for her, there was a joke about her weird pose  just about everywhere that night! ! What was she thinking?!
Pursy Pursy 5 years
She wants to be "above it" but she's not. Whatever. 
ojoba ojoba 5 years
Okay Cinco, I got cha? I think what los angeles1 meant is what los angeles1 said? He's Hot!!   And is it fair to say that  if you are in the entertainment business not to pay any attention to what peeps say unless its something important? Well allow me to clue you,It would  not be about what dress she wore or why she stuck her leg out??
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @Perfection2011 If she didn't give a "hoot", then why is she talking about it a month later? More attention, perhaps? Such a famewhore!! 
Cinco Cinco 5 years
Gawd, she is so full of sh!t! She heard something but didn't pay any attention to it? Sure Angelina! Not really thinking about anything else? Oh my gawd! It was so obvious that she was so intent on sticking that gnarly, pastie looking leg out. Talk about having to focus.... That was the number one, if not only, thing on her mind. Sticking that nasty leg out! Disgusting, truly disgusting!
Cinco Cinco 5 years
 @los angeles 1 Hot? Oh my! I think what you meant to say was, he USE to be Hot... Long before his Baby Mama sucked the life and hotness out of him. Looking a little rough around the edges!    
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
I am curious who Angie said this to.  No quote from a interview - know she doesn't give a hoot but find it hard to believe she gave a quote or interview on this.  Brad looks exhausted
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 5 years
I don't think she's ever cared what we thought...yay for her.  But mostly YAY for him!  Hot, hot, and more hot!
chasha chasha 5 years
I call BS on AJ's comment.  She knows exactly what people were saying but too proud to admit she was doing anything weird.
crazyone crazyone 5 years
 @kgirl123 lol
crazyone crazyone 5 years
looking good
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
i would spend a week living at an airport (without husband and child of course ;) if it meant getting a look at this perfect being!
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