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ojoba ojoba 6 years
Brad looks good just the way he is,cool,handsome and currently promoting a fantastic movie about Billy Beane and the political dealings of managing a baseball team.The never stopping extended play of bitterness towards Brad is ultimately the funniest crap.
Jamie1977 Jamie1977 6 years
I don't think Brad is as happy as he said in that Parade blunder interview. Those who are 'so happy' don't have to let people know it. I think he misses deep down 'what could have been' with a normal mother to his children. Say what you want about AJ, but normal ins't there. Is he finally sick of dragging 6 kids all over the world constantly? She said not long ago she 'must keep moving"...prefers South of France, blah blah....her past alone would have scared any man...putting tha all aside, her absence at this all so important premere speaks volumes. I think he really sees how happy Jen finally is and is whistful and she's at last not crying for him. ego? ya think? Brad is a shell of his former handsome, CLEAN self...Angie? God, compare her photo's from her tomb raider days to now & you'd swear she's sick with something...she's lifeless in many photos...skeleton and flat, nothing like what she was, at all. Grunge look for them all? That's her. Maybe at last he's tired and BORED too. His lame excuse of "we'll marry when everyone else can" is BS and the world (except the loons on JJ) knows it. You love this woman so much, you MARRY her, 6 kids too. That he uses this lame excuse, speaks volumes...and perhaps AJ knows it it.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
So hot! Jonah is looking good too - really in shape now.
LolaMD LolaMD 6 years
Papa Pitt looking good. Why would Angie hurt his Oscar chances when she is an Oscar winner herself? Any way what a good looking man.
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
Brad Pitt could kill someone in that suit! He looks too good in it. I love his hair long. Maybe trim the beard a little? Does it really matter? It's Brad Pitt!!!!! :)
Joanna Joanna 6 years
He's a whiner. Now he's leaving America to get a quiet life. Won't work as long as they are showing off their wonderdul family wherever they go and Angelina isn't going to quit doing that. I think he is still bored, worn out and needs to take a good long look at himself. I actually think he is so messed up now that he needs help and I really feel for the kids. He needs to depend on himself for awhile to get attention, not someone else. He hasn't look good for a long time now and is getting worse.
Merlin713 Merlin713 6 years
He looks terrible. It's the hair on his head. Not a good look.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
yeah, where's st. angie ho? after saying all those stuPITT things he recent interviews, braddie probably figures she'll hurt his Oscar chances. bwahahahahhahahha. can't wait for the story they make up as to why she didn't show.
DonnaInMichigan DonnaInMichigan 6 years
He looks like he could really use a good scrub down, from head to toe........he just looks like a dirty, stinky hot mess So why didn't his love 'o his life, show up? She's never missed a red carpet before.......
Burkina Burkina 6 years
He looks good
Honey2380 Honey2380 6 years
Hello handsome! :)
sandarama sandarama 6 years
He looks great.
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