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Hesiod Hesiod 5 years
I have nothing against him but I have never ever found him attractive, he's never had a lot of class. Angelina has always been on the vulgar side as well which is why I'm not surprised that he fell for her.
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 5 years
This man is like a fine wine....
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
Fillers, and getting old. You losers need glasses. There are no fillers involved in this mans sexiness. He is aging au natural. yes genius number 19 comment, he is getting old. He is 47, bet you or your partner wont look as good as him when you are pushing 50. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wsxdf wsxdf 5 years
Brad finally looks like "Brad" .but he's getting old...
Freyda Freyda 5 years
Louie Louie 5 years
See, I don't find him sexy much at all. Sometimes I do but more often than not, nope.
1246386 1246386 5 years
Brad tells he brought her Mrs in one interview at this premiere. I guess she is there because Brad asked it to her and this is good because it generates more buzz if they are together in red carpet. But first, they are in couple thus it is normal to support themselves mutually like most of couple on this planet !
donnamae54 donnamae54 5 years
On another web-site Angelina is there. Does she always have to tag along, geez! she needs to give the young starletees a chance or else Brad Pitt is going to leave.
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
F*&^%$G HOT!!! all you haters, go and hate elsewhere
chocolate79 chocolate79 5 years
not bad not bad, looking forward to this movie for sure
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
I agree with the fillers comment. The man can't live without them (neither can Angelina). He's so into himself I can't stand it.
nygurl nygurl 5 years
gawd i hope my man looks this good when he turns 47!
Jen4 Jen4 5 years
yeah agree with comments ^ :) he looks great
Burkina Burkina 5 years
I do like the Brange, but I'm not blind
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
WOW so Brad is looking old and wrinkled and Botoxed and fillered all in the same day. LOL
tasikotasiko tasikotasiko 5 years
wow he looks really great. burkina u can't stand him at all ,can;t U?
Burkina Burkina 5 years
Aww Bradley got some new fillers
theFilmGuy theFilmGuy 5 years
Is anyone else impressed with how trim Jonah Hill is looking! He looks great! Good for him. Loosing weight is hard work. Ben The Film Guy
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 5 years
I'll be the first to admit, I've commented on Brad Pitt pictures saying he's not aging well...but after seeing these, I might have to change my mind! Whatever you're doing Brad, keep it up! Looking hot!
ycolette1 ycolette1 5 years
Moneryball is getting great reviews especially Brad and Jonah's performances. I hope Angie attends RC.
janekay janekay 5 years
agreed #1, he looks pretty great in these photos..he has this cool, totally in charge swagger about him...a real movie star vibe and I love it...
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
This man is hot as hell, always was and always will be.His inner beauty and peace shines through too.He is aging just perfectly, like a good wine!Photo 4 and 9 OMG!!! I guess once a Brad lover, always a Brad lover.Angie is the luckiest lady in LA
kgirl123 kgirl123 5 years
This man is hot as hell, always was and always will be. His inner beauty and peace shines through too. He is aging just perfectly, like a good wine! Photo 4 and 9 OMG!!! I guess once a Brad lover, always a Brad lover. Angie is the luckiest lady in LA
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