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ojoba ojoba 6 years
yeah that is definitely the uncle doug or whoever,but definitely not brad pitt,popsugar who are you trying to kid here? we all know that is not who you said it was,well most of us anyways.......
191052945 191052945 6 years
ya its doug pitt according to this site
kimdash kimdash 6 years
Wait that's not Brad... Wuh. I new he wouldn't let us down LOL!!
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
PopSugar, aren't you going to make a retraction? That's definitely not Brad Pitt shirtless, it's his brother.
kimdash kimdash 6 years
The boys are growing up so handsome. Brad please tell me the gut is for a role. His look alike Robert Redford never let himself go.
Donnaday Donnaday 6 years
Man! What happened to this dude, he looks so strange these days. Really weired.
Rubi Rubi 6 years
That's not brad :( because of the tattoo in his waist is missing and the hair should be longer, and of course the beard.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
oh please, if brangelina weren't constantly flitting from one place to the next every other week and settled down somewhere other than NY or LA, they might get some privacy. Julia went to live in NM and pretty much got left alone. The minute she came back to NY/LA she was hounded. You don't see any other celebukids as much as you see these kids. Tom and Nicole hid their adopted kids from the spotlight and they were also the hottest hollywood couple at the time so it can be done.
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
There are laws in Europe that protect famous children from the press. I think Princess Caroline had them passed when paps kept taking pictures of her kids. Why haven't Brad and Angie tried passing laws like that in the U.S.? They could easily make the argument that they worry about their children's safety. Obviously. they have no problems suing the press when anyone questions the status of their relationship. You'd think this would be even more important.
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
i really dont understand... if you see pictures of his kids, you are going to see his movie just because of that? well you are very stupid than... i decide to watch movie right after i see trailer... :| how is it publicity stunt?
Beloved2 Beloved2 6 years
Don't you negative posters understand that the Jolie-Pitt family is the MOST sought after celebrity in the world???! They couldn't, in general, hide from the paparazzi if they worked at it 24/7. Use your brains. This couple is FAR TOO successful and famous to seek out publicity. Yes, they use the media as do ALL celebrities, but SEEK it out.....give it a rest. Be happy for others, and it will infuse your own life with happiness.
sandarama sandarama 6 years
Well if Brangelina is being accused of using their kids for pr, what does that say for Halle/Aubrey, Heidi/Seal, TomKat, Gwen/Rossdale, Jessica/Cash's kids and dont even get me started on Jen Garner. We see their kids almost on a daily basis. That said I dont see why anyone should hide their kids just because paps follow them. They have every right to do whatever they want like everybody else. If you are sick of seeing them then dont lick on their posts. See, easy.
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 6 years
i agree with just gossip also. and where's shiloh? i'm sure she'd rather be hanging with the boys than flitting around with her girly sisters. and brad's tattoos are hideous and look like he did them himself.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
Yup, I agree with Just Gossip. If you don't think they have enough money and security to keep their kids out of the spotlight then you are seriously delusional. I miss the old days when we used to see the kids a few times a year. I feel like I see them at least once a week now.
pkz76 pkz76 6 years
I love Just Gossip comes down to she likes Garner so therefore she never uses her kids and she things Brangelina are bad so they use their kids to promote. To play the Devil's Advocate isn't it possible that Garner just chooses never to take any precautions so that her children aren't photographed gaining her exposure for a lukewarm career? Especially considering that when she and her kids are outside LA for shoots there are rarely any photos. Isn't it also possible that there are times when B & A have an easier time protecting their children from the paps than others considering they travel with different countries with different laws after all neither of them have a movie coming out yet we know they are always a tabloid commodity that are chased by paps across the globe.
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
I'm won over by the naysayers. I agree that this is not Brad on the beach. But I agree that the Jolie-Pitts use their kids for self promotion. Do you ever see Johnnie Depp's kids? VERY rarely. And both his family and the J-P's live overseas, for the most part.
Joanna Joanna 6 years
Just Gossip is right on the money in this case. They always use their kids to promote. They haven't figured out yet that a little goes a long way. What's the movie have to do with the kids anyway?
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
@hail3389 Yes you see Jen Garner's kids all the time. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they live in L.A., live regular lives and go to regular school. You see less of the JP kids because they spend most of their time locked away in a giant estate, surrounded by bodyguards and private tutors. A different estate every three months btw. Nice stability. But the funny thing is you suddenly see the JP kids EVERYWHERE when mommy and daddy have something to promote. This will be followed by a 100 interviews where all they do is talk about the kids and what they do in their private lives, while Mommy and Daddy sneak off to have sex. This will be followed by a few more carefully staged photos and a gushing piece from People Magazine and a sit-down with Ann Curry where Ann Curry almost loses her wits because she is so in awe of Brad and Angelina's awesomeness. Rinse and repeat.
gossiplovalova gossiplovalova 6 years
Maybe they hire lookalikes to hang out with their kids. LOL I'm joking but the guy does look like him.
Jen4 Jen4 6 years
LOL guys this is his brother!!!!!!! Doug Pitt :D i thought he was Brad LOL
JustGossip JustGossip 6 years
That's him. I think most of his tats are probably fake. That's why you don't see them here. Btw, love how he invited the press along for this photo-op. These are not photos that were taken from miles away. They were taken in full view of the press while he was on a press tour for his new movie. Amazing how much mileage they've gotten out of exploiting their kids for PR. Amazing how much a lot of people in Hollywood get out of milking the kids. I look forward to the day people don't sell their kid pix to People mag and using moments like this to tout their upcoming films. I really wonder why no one in Hollywood has ever tried passing the privacy laws they have in Europe, where they have to blur out the photos of small children. Although I guess when you're getting this much free PR why bother trying to pass laws like that.
jackie47 jackie47 6 years
Popsugar that is not Brad Pitt, take a really good look and you will see thats not him. The mans face is shaved his hair is shorter than Brad's where is the abdomen tatoo and most of all look at the pictures you posted a week ago of him at that splashpark is stomach was completely flat.
pkz76 pkz76 6 years
Yeah it's clearly not Brad since there are other photos with beard and longer hair taken the same day. Also I believe he's got tattoos.
hali3389 hali3389 6 years
That is not Brad in the water. If you tilt your head to the right and look at his facial features you can see it really does not look like him! Plus there is no beard and the hair is shorter. Popsugar fails again.
vitaleilat vitaleilat 6 years
plus, brad has a tattoo on his lower abdomen, which this gentleman does not have.. popsugar - u r lame..
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