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Brad Renfro Found Dead

Sugar Bits — Brad Renfro Passes Away at 25

  • Brad Renfro, the former child actor who became famous through his roles in films such as The Client, The Cure, and Tom and Huck, and who just finished shooting The Informers with Winona Ryder, was found dead at his house in LA yesterday morning. He was only 25-years-old. The cause of death isn't known and an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, though he suffered from a long history of drug abuse and was known to be drinking the night before. His former lawyer told People, "we all failed." Our thoughts are with his family and friends as we put the pieces of this extremely sad story together. — People
  • Casey Affleck and wife Summer Phoenix have welcomed their second son, joining 3-year-old Indiana August. Congrats to the growing family! — LilSugar
  • Mitt Romney won the Michigan presidential primary yesterday, giving a boost to his campaign after losing to John McCain in New Hampshire. Now all attention in both parties is focused on the upcoming South Carolina primaries this Saturday. — CitizenSugar
  • Jillian Grace, a 22-year-old Playboy model, is claiming that David Spade is the father of her unborn child. Spade acknowledges that it's a possibility, as they two had a brief relationship. He seems like he'd either be a supercool or supercrazy dad. — TMZ
  • The two songwriters who accused Avril Lavigne of plagiarizing their song have rescinded their claims, saying that she did not copy their music and did nothing wrong. Well, nothing wrong except have horrible taste in clothes. — People
  • ICYMI, Matthew McConaughey is going to be a dad!


Join The Conversation
enSue enSue 9 years
I was shocked to hear about Brad's death. He was so young! My thoughts go out to his family.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
That's horrible. RIP Brad.
elle86 elle86 9 years
How ridiculously sad..... I used to be a fan of his, from when I was a kid, too... this is just so sad. He was very talented, but his partying and lackluster movies at the end overshadowed his talent. :(
mynameisamy3 mynameisamy3 9 years
So sad about Brad Renfro! But I'm in shock about David and Jillian Grace! I went to high school with her!!! I can't believe she may be having his kid - waaaaay weird.
Wicked Wicked 9 years
Terrible news. It looked like he was going to sober up.
i-am-elle i-am-elle 9 years
I'm so shocked & saddened to hear about Brad Refro. :( My condolences go out to his family, friends & fans.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
thats sad
bidds626 bidds626 9 years
So sad. I was always a Brad fan...he was very talented.
febe febe 9 years
what?? this can't be right! i'm in a shock!!
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
Pixigirl31- I think it means "In Case You Missed It".
kersalli kersalli 9 years
As far as Dr. Drew's comments on Brad's death go, I don't think they were particularly offensive to me because I think he was just being honest. No need to skirt around his history of drug abuse or pretend that he likely didn’t die from a drug overdose. If anything, it’s better to be brutally honest in cases like this as it might lead people to think twice (or at least you can hope that they would).
kersalli kersalli 9 years
The death of Brad Renfro breaks my heart a little bit. I was a fan of his (even more so about 4-5 years ago) and I can honestly say he was a huge talent. His death is so unfortunate because he deserved to get his true break-out role.
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 9 years
Jonathan Brandis died in late 2003... he tried to commit suicide and died shortly after from injuries incurred in the attempt. :(
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 9 years
So sad :(
tiff58 tiff58 9 years
I had no idea that Jonathan Brandis died! So sad about Brad.
barbara-24 barbara-24 9 years
To hear about Brad really bummed me out. Why him? I always admired him and thought he was so handsome. This just sucks. From the sound of it, it seems like all us girls had crushes on him. This is one particular celebrity death that is truly, heartbreakingly sad to me. Brad, I'm sorry you died so young. I'm sure it was probably a stupid accident. You are in God's hands now as he guides your soul to your next destination, so I know you are in peace.
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
tragic really. RIP
pennylane pennylane 9 years
i agree with all of you, the passing of brad renfro is extremely sad, especially for all of us that grew up with his posters from tiger beat on our walls. does anyone else think it's extremely innapropriate that dr. drew commented in the people article saying that it was likely that he was on drugs since he was drinking the night before? i mean i know he had a history of drug/alcohol abuse but i just feel like since an autopsy will be performed and the cause of his death will be revealed, that is just unneccesary for him to go there.
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Holy shit, how did I miss that, Jonathan Brandis died too?
darlene darlene 9 years
R.I.P. Brad Renfro... congrats to David if true
jennajen jennajen 9 years
It's terrible to see what addictions can do to people. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Reminds me of Jonathan so sad.
jenintx jenintx 9 years
i was simultaneously shocked and not shocked by brad renfro's death. it's been widely reported that he has had issues with drugs for a while. it is tragic, though; he was such a talented actor who probably could have made a tremendous comeback (if this new movie's any good). so sad! MM: well alright, alright :p
raieven raieven 9 years
That is so sad about Brad Renfro-I had such a huge crush on him when I was younger, after I saw The Client and Tom & Huck, I remember my best friend and I were going to visit Knoxville, Tn where he lived (read that in Tigerbeat magazine or something) and try and meet him. :(
pixigirl31 pixigirl31 9 years
so sad about brad. rip. what does icmyi mean?
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Drugs suck
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