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Brit's New Crib

Brit's New Crib

Britney may have a mansion in Malibu but that place is too far from all of the action so the party girl needs a new crib. Apparently she found one on Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills. For $7.2 million it looks like Britney has a new home for her and the boys. Here's more:

"Britney looked at it on Thursday, Dec. 7," a source tells Star. "She brought like seven or eight people. They were her bodyguards and a few male dancer friends. She stayed for five hours and said she wanted the house immediately. She then got ready in one of the bedrooms at the house for her night out on the town. She took forever to do her hair and makeup. It was such a scene! She came off as very high maintenance. Nice, but demanding. It was obvious she was used to getting what she wanted."

The six bedroom, six-and-a-half bathroom home is 7,400 square feet and is located in a gated community on Summit Circle, just off Coldwater Canyon.

"She asked the sellers to get out right away," says the source. "So they moved to a hotel on December 12."

We're glad Britney is moving on from K-Fed and into her own place but the mother of two should consider staying home more often. For more pics of Brit partying in West Hollywood, just











Join The Conversation
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
What a mess
honeysugar28 honeysugar28 10 years
Jess I love your first comment.. LOL. I think she looks cute in this outfit. She just needs to wash her hair seriously!
cari907 cari907 10 years
idk wat to say
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
i would love to get in her head for one hour just to try and understand what the hell this chick is thinking??? comeback? my ass! i think this is what we're getting, a trashed up hore!
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Straighten up, Britney.
squeakyclean squeakyclean 10 years
ooohhhhh how shocking the white trash, uneducated girl likes to party and is a bad mother. this girl thought canada was overseas.......she is dumb and useless and her kids should be taken away. she looks like a used crackwhore.
Mimisugar Mimisugar 10 years
She looks tired and she looks over 40 to me... She used to be soooo cute and sexy...
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 10 years
she is looking and acting like courtney love did when she was all whacked out on drugs...she looks so banged up in these pictures...i wish she would just go away and forget about this "comeback" cuz she never went anywhere to being with... ugh enough "stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it and live the phrase sky's the limit."
juju4 juju4 10 years
Jillness- that is so crazy! The girl was just whipping her clothes off in the middle of the club?
vintagesocks vintagesocks 10 years
Someone should also inform her that a nightie + a button down does not equal an outfit.
sofi sofi 10 years
thank you Tor! Can't argue the facts. She wanted everything- fame, fortune, and what the hell, husband and kids. Just to prove she can have it all. Immaturity and lack of guidance.
Jillness Jillness 10 years
One of my good friends saw her at 40 Deuce on Friday night. She was slamming drinks, literally downing them all at one time. He said that she was like a 5 year old, trying to go on stage and dance, with people coaxing her off stage. I guess it was so obvious that she was drunk that is was just embarassing. At one point, when one of the burlesque dancers at the club came by her, Britney pulled her shirt open and started taking her shirt off. Her handler that was with her turned Britney to him like a child, and pulled her shirt back over her chest. The girl is a mess. She is addicted to attention, and has lost all concept of what "shame" is. She doesn't understand when attention is good, and when it is bad. I don't like her, but this train wreck is kind of sad to watch. It reminds me of Michael Jackson.
Toronado Toronado 10 years
For anyone who might be a little confused about the concept of "bad mother", allow me to explain: exiting a car with your snatch hanging open, blubbering about how crappy your life is on TV for the entire world to see, having your various catfights with the likes of Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera posted in every entertainment mag & newspaper in existence, being singled out & a proven drug user, having two kids with a jackass like Kevin Federline who is the subject of ridicule the world over, dressing like a skank almost every day of your waking life, dropping your baby on its head NUMEROUS times and having Children's Aid called to your residence more than once, driving with your kid on your freaking LAP. Stop me if I'm going too fast, by all means. I DARE anyone to argue with me on those EXACT points (no beating around the bush, kiddies) and tell me flat-out that those things don't make someone a bad parent. Go on. Try me. You will NOT win.
LighRay LighRay 10 years
Well, I hope she gets the help she needs. Her whole life has been out-of-the-norm. From her mom pushing her towards stardom since she was a little girl, to becoming a sexual fantacy for the whole world at an age that would terrify any other parent (if it was their daughter), to having her natural mistakes on display and critiqued 24/7, to becoming a national joke.... It's easy to hate, but I can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for her situation.
teddybear teddybear 10 years
If this is her way of promoting a comeback her fans are going to be a bunch of old horny men, kinda like a strip club.
lillie lillie 10 years
She's so trashy and sleazy man. Another house to get near the partay-ing? Useless...
starrfphish starrfphish 10 years
Brit you look fab..luv the hair and lips...
H0T-Tamale H0T-Tamale 10 years
damn! she dresses :barf:
FB1977 FB1977 10 years
Jamie, you are so right...she was always complaining about K Fed partying too much.
frenchunion frenchunion 10 years
looooooool she took hours to prepare & THIS IS THE RESULT????loool...well everybody , that girl is hilarious then ever...'i can't wait to hear about her ' (ironic of course).. No really she 's stupid , be4 i had a lil respect for her work but now do i really care???she's moving on into a new paris-hohan... ------------------------------------------------------------- 'I wanna know God's thoughts,the rest r details..'
hotstuff hotstuff 10 years
We all laugh at the fact that k-fed wants custody but maybe he knew something that we don't and I think we are getting just a little taste of what he may be concerned about! Yeah in the past years he's been with her we never seen him walking around with his goods hanging out. She's a pig and he does deserve custody. And about Colin F. not having the same backlash at least he doesn't have full custody of his kid. Britney is the one with full custody right now and she couldn't care less.
amisarcastic amisarcastic 10 years
her new home looks nice.............wonder how much it will set her back to have 'trailer axels' installed ? that way it can be dragged from trailer park to trailer park/
amisarcastic amisarcastic 10 years
as per 'star' photo; doesn't miss. spears have any idea that one does not wear white shoes with leopard print ??????? tacky, tacky. hope federline gets his tell all book published !!!! plus i betcha' a few of her nannies could write a couple of best sellers.........wowee
MissSixty1 MissSixty1 10 years
She is soo trashy
Samantha Samantha 10 years
Anyone notice the song on her website is "Rebellion"? Ironic, huh
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