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Brit is Ready for the Swimwear Competition

While I don't deride Britney for changing out of that disastrous red dress contraption, I would usually suggest that she a) do so in the privacy of her own hotel room/a bathroom stall at least and b) put on something other than a bikini top and open men's shirt instead. I must say, though, this get-up is a little more flattering than her original outfit. But how, pray tell, did she go from cigarette/boots/high cheekboned man to here, you ask? Well, here's how her night went down:

"She was in high spirits...[Spears] arrived in a little red dress, but she admired the fishnet [stockings] the dancers were wearing. She went downstairs and tried them on, but didn't like the way they looked with her dress.

"So she took off her dress and started putting on bikinis that the dancers wear," he adds. "She stripped all of her clothes off and was totally naked in the dancers' room. She came out and got a T-shirt off of one of the waiters and danced like that till around 4 a.m."

Hey, for all we know the management offered her a job and she thought what the hell, it's not like I have any other responsibilities. She can dance that booty off, after all. To see the clip from Extra read more


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