Britney is turning into a total wreck. She went to Hyde again last night and it's looking like she got completely wasted. To give Brit the benefit of the doubt, maybe she's just having a hard time walking due to the massive amount of cameras around her. Still, the girl needs to put on a bra immediately! Besides disappointing us all by taking on a new BFF like Paris, Britney is starting to piss off her record label, Jive. Page Six reports:

Spears, who earlier in the month was hard at work in New York studios, has "been missing recent recording sessions because she has been out all night partying," said our spy. "The label [Jive] is very worried." Spears - who has been telling pals, "I gave birth for 21/2 years, and now I want to party" - also settled for second choice with managers. The pop tart is now managed by Larry Rudolph, but our insider said she first went to Christina Aguilera's starmaker, Irving Azoff, and he negged her because "Britney wanted to cheap him. She only wanted to give him 5 percent instead of 10. So she went with Larry."

Come on Brit! Please don't ruin your chances of a comeback. We're just hoping this is all over in a week and we can wake up from this holiday nightmare.