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Britney's Been Restrained and Exploited

Britney's Been Restrained and Exploited

After Britney's breakdown last week, we can't really say that we're surprised to see that she's the unfortunate cover girl of this week's magazines, covering everything from her mental illness to her children to suicide watch. The latest news on Brit is that the LAPD filed a five-day restraining order against Britney last week to keep her kids safe. Even though the order ends today, Britney still won't have any custody of the kids until the next hearing on Monday.

As for the whole Dr. Phil situation, the Spears family sent a representative to the Today Show this morning to publicly accuse Dr. Phil of violating their trust by making public statements and exploiting Britney. We still can't figure out why they ever trusted him in the first place.

To check out the video of the family's rep saying how much Dr. Phil sucks, just read more

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