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Britney's Birthday Swag and Magazine Drama

Britney's Birthday Swag and Magazine Drama

In case you somehow missed it, Britney Spears turned 26 yesterday with a Saturday night celebration at the Scandinavian Mansion Of Style that went straight until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Obviously it was enough fun to make Britney all cross-eyed with joy, and can you blame her? Girlfriend scored "a $4,000 pair of Barito shades, a $12,000 ring by Ole Lynggaard, $1,300 worth of clothes by Jaft, $2,500 in Casch clothing, $1,000 in GB hair products and $30,000 in furs from Berglund of Copenhagen." Um, happy birthday to her? Afterwards she and Paris scurried off to the after party, hanging out on the balcony of Brit's Four Seasons hotel room until dawn.

Elsewhere in Britney news, her promotional work (or lack thereof) for Blackout suffered another setback. She is rumored to have backed out of a possible Rolling Stone cover because she didn't want to end up on the cover of Us Weekly instead. Wenner Media has pulled the bait and switch before, most notably last year with Nick Lachey who was pretty pissed. Brit is said to be in talks with Blender instead.

And one final tidbit, Britney won an award! Only, not a good award. She's been given the 2007 Stinky Diaper by Babytalk Magazine. Ouch.


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