Britney took a break from partying with her new man Isaac Cohen to take Sean P to the park in Beverly Hills this weekend. At least it seems she's willing to spend more on the one kid (seriously, can we start a JJ day count?) than she is on maintaining her extensions. Kids left at home, Brit took Isaac to the opening of Sideways Restaurant & Lounge in LA last week and it was all about PDA for the new couple. Page Six reports:

The two "ordered tons of the kobe sliders and Louisiana crab cakes," said our spy, who added, "They drank a lot of vodka cranberry cocktails." The couple then made out at the table for all to see, "engaging in major public displays of affection."

At least Brit found some time to hang out with little Sean P over the weekend. That is before she headed to Vegas for a romantic night with Isaac. Apparently, the couple shacked up at the Fantasy Tower suite at The Palms for $40,000 a night. In the meantime, more of Brit in her heels at the park with little Sean P so