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Britney Collapses in Vegas

Britney is already making crazy headlines in the first few hours of the new year. We were hoping Ms Brit would kick things off in the right direction after a disappointing end of 2006 but it doesn't look that way. Britney hosted a NYE party at PURE last night in Las Vegas and now there are reports that the champagne drinking pop star collapsed at 12:50 am. Robin Leach reports:

Mystery now surrounds Britney's collapse early this morning. She had been seated on a VIP tented-cabana bed overlooking the dance floor at 12:50AM talking with one of her male dancers. She intimated she wanted to leave and as she stood up, "she went into a dead faint and just fell right to the floor."

Her group pulled her up and lay her on the bed at the same time as her personal security asked for the club to provide at least 10 other security managers to "get her out as quickly as possible." They surrounded the stricken pop star in an attempt to screen her from all observers and the new years revelers on the crowded dance floor.

One woman in the Spears' entourage yelled, "Make sure nobody gets any photos. No photos anywhere."

When the 12-strong security phalanx was in place, two of her dancers wrapped Britney in what appeared to be a blanket-hooded poncho. Literally carrying her in both arms, they managed to propell her through the crowds and out of the club.

It appeared as if "she was being dragged as she wasn't walking under her own speed" said one eyewitness. "It looked as if they wanted to get her up to her hotel room as soon as possible."

At 2AM this morning, an ambulance was summoned to the hotel but it was totally unclear if it was brought to Caesars for Britney.

Let's hope the ambulance has nothing to do with Britney. Let's also hope if she did collapse, then she will see this is an eye opening experience to slow down and make some new year's resolutions to rest up and get strong. Britney we really predict that this could be a huge comeback year for you so stop screwing it up. We can only cheer for you for so long.


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ohshqipe ohshqipe 10 years were saying? Did anyone actually read this news? She collapsed around 12:50 am and the ambulance came at 2 am??? To do what? Pick up the body lol Also did u know that all the gossip comes out of dancers? Ever wander how u never hear weird things (at this speed) about actors but only from music stars? Cos these a-holes queers brag about it all over the place and Britney knows that much as to not party with them.
WatchMeSparkle WatchMeSparkle 10 years
OK, I'm confused. Girl still has some $$, right? Why then are they still dressing and dying her hair like cheap trailer trash? I just don't get it. I'm a huge Britney fan, but do you remember when she had the gorgeous dark and blonde streaks in the "Stronger" video? She looked like a million bucks. Maybe she likes the bottle-blonde look? I can't figure it out. Anyways, yeah, she was probably mixing meds with alcohol, but whatever it was, it doesn't matter- as long as she's okay, that's all that matters! Some of you are pretty nasty, by the way- with all your mean comments and stuff. She's entertaining, fun and (I think) unpredictable, and I like her; always have! Britney, you go on with your wild self! Just be careful and don't be mixin anything with meds...yikes!
rocky1 rocky1 10 years
the more u trash any person the more YOU look bad. what makes u so perfect?????????????? i dont trash any celeb because its not fair cause we dont even know them. over 3000 people in a CLUB selling 250 a ticket is pretty darn good. thats like a stadium size number. pure im sure made millions that night.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
I hope she gets a grip and shape up. I still root for her. The way she behaves right now will make her no good... Not in the public eye, not for her own sake. I'm still hoping for a smashing comeback though, I miss the pop she made. She should take a look at Christina and see what she has done with her life. Maybe not copy X-Tina but see that you don't gain success by living the life Brit is doing right now. Come on Brit! Pleeeeasee, for your own good! ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
Jillness Jillness 10 years
Tifygoddess, she ASKS those cameras to be in her face during her "not so great" moments. Did someone pressure her into doing "Chaotic"? No, she chased sudios around to produce it, and no one would and in the end she had to produce it herself. She is the one who sold her own home movies. She is the one who sold her marriage for publicity in People magazine. We knew more than we ever wanted to about K-Fed, because SHE put him in the spot light for more attention for herself. She certainly wasn't getting press about her projects this think she didn't know that? She goes to the resturants and clubs where the pap are KNOWN to be, and then walks out the front door where they are waiting. (If you want privacy, any resturant/store/club will bend over backwards to give it to you). A person doesn't parade around like she did with Paris if she wants to be private. A person doesn't go on Letterman for press about 2 of the most personal things in life if they want privacy (pregnancy and divorce). She is not a victim. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the ego and immaturity that is at the root of her behavior.
audacris audacris 10 years
C'mon it wasn't only champagne!!!! Aurix...
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
stupid tart
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
I hope she finds a better way to live her life, and that shes ok. Because if she can get it together I think she has the chance for a great comeback.....
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
You know what is so funny everyone wants her to go away , but youll look at all the Brit posts and comments, you want her to disappear but yet youll look at all her pictures....people shes not going anywhere, so get over it. Im 26 and have been a huge Brit fan since she started. She has fun music that always gets me in a great mood and actually was at a party 2 nite with 20/30 and 40 year olds. and we all played and dance to Britneys music and had a freakin blast!!!.She was never trying to be Whitney Houston she was out to have fun, make records and enjoy the type of music she made. Maybe Im not a Brit hater because I realize that besides being a celeb shes a HUMAN BEING!! What if you all had a camera in your FACE for your "not so great " moments in life . I bet you all would look like saints right...yeah- I think not. Oh yeah and by the way ive flashed a boob or two occasionally so does that make me white trash.....????? Think not,Give the poor girl a break.
sherale sherale 10 years
TriniBaby81 TriniBaby81 10 years
I agree DulceSkye. I hope she gets her life together. Her ex K-Fed is on WWE RAW at this very moment that I'm typing...I guess this guy will do anything and go anywhere for attention. Annoying!!!
DulceSkye DulceSkye 10 years
I hope that Britney isn't seriously ill. I doubt Britney will ever reach the level of success she had before. Her core fans are all much older now, and like another poster wrote, their taste in music has probably changed and matured. She also doesn't seem to want to revive her career. Manufactured talent or not, Britney used to be able to sell albums through her image. Now, her cute popstar image is in ruins, and she isn't doing much to turn it around. I feel for the girl...she was pushed into the industry at a very young age, and probably never had a chance to form a true identity outside of being an entertainer. Anyway, I hope this new year is better for her. I don't know if her career will ever make a comeback, but I do hope she can get her life back together. That's what really matters, after all. I hope other posters don't lose respect for me because I wish to see another human success and happiness. I think we all deserve that. :)
Ginger Ginger 10 years
In Vegas on New Years eve, 3000 people is not a big draw. Even KFed had a standing room only crowd of over 1500 at the House of Blues in Chicago on a Wednesday night in November, and that doesn't prove he's got talent or a future in the music industry. But no fair comparing Brit to Chipmunks. The Chipmunks may have sold more records, and they had a successful tv show. Who doesn't love Alvin!? If her career is really over, how much longer is the body going to keep flopping before it realizes there's no pulse?
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I don't care about her at all, and I most certainly don't feel bad for her. Her kids are the ones losing here. Grow up, Britney.
teddybear teddybear 10 years
I've never supported her. Not one penny of my money has ever went into anything she has ever made. As for my opinion of her dancing, she should watch you got served and get some dance lessons.
neecy neecy 10 years
Well, I'll call Britney white trash with no apologies. I find it hard to believe that the media has made up the soap opera trainwreck that's been played out for over 3 years now. Did the media make up Britney's first marriage, where she married that poor sap for 2 days? The Matt Lauer interview was her own creation. The gum-snapping mess who claimed "We're country" as an excuse to use her son as an airbag. The excuse of "cobblestones" for almost dropping her son last year outside the Ritz-Carlton in NYC, which was a LIE. There are no cobblestones in that area. The god-awful "Chaotic" where the viewers were supposed to be awed by Britney's "truth" whatever that is. All I saw was the beginning of the "Beverly Hillbillies, Brandine and Cletus". As for talent. If singing like a chipmunk is a sign of talent, then you got me there. Even if she has another successful album, tour, perfume, etc. the girl will always be Bimbo.
PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
Rocky1, the more you defend her the worse it sounds. Just because 3,000 people showed up at a club doesn't mean they were all there to see Britney. Michael Jackson can show up somewhere and still get 3,000 people to show up but we all know he's over. I think there is still hope for her IF she gets her act together. Divorce, kids and all the other excuses are just that...excuses for bad choices and bad behavior.
OChottie OChottie 10 years
She's a talentless, tacky, has-been.
PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
I would LMAO if she was pregnant but I have a feeling she's taking something to help lose the weight, exercising and drinking too much. All combined can be very unhealthy. Normal people don't "faint" from being tired.
EdwinaTheLovely EdwinaTheLovely 10 years
I'm gonna say a sudden cold blast shot up that top she's wearin as a dress knocked the wind out of her.
psucksliterally psucksliterally 10 years
I agree with MBM. I WAS rooting for Brit when she dumped Kevin. Her behavior over the past 2 months has been revolting, and I will not support her any more. I loved Michael Jackson for years, and I no longer support him either. Though she is not a criminal, I think she is a pathetic excuse for a mother. ( I don't buy any Courtney Love stuff either)
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 10 years
I was hoping for a comeback, but I think it's time to move on. Stick a fork in her, Brit's D-O-N-E.
melissabritt melissabritt 10 years
MBM Somewhere there are 2 little guys that would love to be spending time w/their mother. I could care less abt Brit. It's her boys I feel for. :( I hope she realizes she got what she wanted, BABIES. They are a 24/7 commitment. She can't just ditch them the way she did to her dog Bit-Bit. Please no comeback...just go away Brit.
Hollygolitely Hollygolitely 10 years
Fancy04 Fancy04 10 years
poor brit :( i still like her.
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