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Britney's Deposition Day Arrives

Britney's Deposition Day Arrives

Britney Spears better be ready to talk. After a two-week break from court for her legal team, it's Britney's big day. She is set to give her deposition (under oath, of course) to Kevin's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, in his office this morning. She's expected at 10 am, and it could take all day, or more, depending on how much he has to ask and how much Brit talks. Against Kaplan's wishes (and agreeing with most of yours) Britney's testimony will not be videotaped. Though, considering how many of their custody battle legal documents have made it to the public, I'm sure we'll know the details of her deposition soon enough. Stay tuned, we'll be on top of Brit's big, and hopefully on time, day.

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