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Britney's Fantasy Becomes Reality

Britney's Fantasy Becomes Reality

Elizabeth Arden sent ME a sample of Britney's new perfume, Fantasy. I've been wearing it ever since. It smells fabulous!

Our favorite pregnant pop star has more to look forward to this fall than just her baby (or twins). The fabulous people at Elizabeth Arden (who created Brit's Curious) sent me a sneak peek at the new FANTASY campaign as well as a sample of the new scent. So Cool!

Check out the ad below. I love that the name is so appropriate. Last year when they launched Curious, it was totally Britney's state of mind at the time. She was getting married and divorced and married again. She was totally curious to start a new phase of her life. Now she is about to act out one of her biggest Fantasies - she is going to become a mom. So fitting. I wonder what the third fragrance will be called.

As always, Britney cleans up so well. She looks amazing in the ad and love the tag line - Everybody has one! So true. The bottle is so girlie and cute. Young girls (and yes and even many 30-year-olds) around the world will love to have this pink and green polka dot bottle in their bathrooms. It looks like a decoration more than a regular lame bottle. I can't wait until it hits department stores this September.

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