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Britney Furious Over Kimmel Sketch

Britney may have seemed cool with Jimmy Kimmel's sketch making fun of K-Fed last night at the AMAs. Some even thought she might have been in on it because it directly preceded her onstage appearance. But it turns out they didn't tell her about it and according to a rep she's "pissed" about the whole thing. Here's more:

Spears is said to be upset because no one told her beforehand about the skit. Members of her camp apparently demanded that the skit be cut from the West Coast feed of the show. It wasn’t.

K-Fed (in the photo on the right with Spears during happier times) is less than thrilled, too. His people called and “were freaking out,” a source tells me.

So, who came up with the spoof? The host of the awards, Jimmy Kimmel. I’m told it was planned and produced long before Spears signed on. “Britney was a last-second add to the show,” my source says.

Kimmel isn’t exactly apologizing, telling me shortly after the show, “I knew they wouldn’t mind, because I know they both have great senses of humor.”

It looks like they thought wrong. At least we know now that Britney doesn't hate Kevin. Maybe they'll be able to stay on good terms for the kids (at least until they go to court).

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