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Britney's Hawaiian Dreams

Britney's Hawaiian Dreams

Britney flipped out over those pics of Kevin and the Britney look alike. She was in Hawaii when she got a call from a friend and then lost it. Supposedly "She was literally kicking and screaming (when she heard about the photos). When she got back to her suite, she was so furious, she destroyed everything in sight. She called Kevin but couldn't reach him." Perhaps she has calmed down since now The Sun is reporting that Britney bought a $5 million plus home in Maui for her and Kevin to rekindle their relationship. The Sun reports:

“Britney is really hoping this new home will be a family place. They have been on rocky ground for some time now and while Kev was away recording his album she decided she had to do something to make their relationship work. Brit told Kevin she had her heart set on a home in Maui. It’s one of her favourite places in the world. She’s hoping it will bring some luck to their relationship. If you can’t fall back in love on the golden beaches in Hawaii, then where can you?�

And Kevin is currently in Hawaii laughing his way to the new place. Lucky Bastard.

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