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Britney's A Hell Of a Lot Smarter Than You Think

Britney's A Hell Of a Lot Smarter Than You Think

Love her or hate her (you obviously know where we stand), no one gives Britney the credit she deserves. The pop star is finally getting recognition for her recent comeback moves. The Daily Mail has uncovered the full details behind Britney's pop princess empire. Brit made sure that every single bit of her fortune was protected. She even tricked us with a fake wedding since the prenup was not in place. Here's more:

The event, on September 18, 2004, in the modest back garden of a friend's house in the Los Angeles suburb of Studio City, was meant to be the "real thing" but, with Federline yet to sign the pre-nup, a proper wedding could not go ahead.

So, with the paparazzi on her case, Britney decided to stage the "fake" wedding - and drew up a watertight contract to ensure the ceremony was not legally binding.

The pair were then married for real in a secret ceremony on October 6 - after Federline had signed the agreement that banned him from making any future claim against any assets his wife had prior to their marriage.

A source linked to the prenuptial negotiations said last night: "Everyone thinks Britney is this hick from Louisiana but, in reality, she is an extraordinarily astute businesswoman who has built herself into a global brand.

Click here to check out more details of Britney's empire - it's totally fascinating. Not only is Brit a smart business woman, but she's a hardworking mom too. She's apparently hiding out with family this week. Hopefully we'll get to see more of Britney coming back!


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OMGSeriously OMGSeriously 10 years
^^^^^^ she has good lawyers anyways.
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
Britney is very smart.
xtina xtina 10 years
He is trying to extor money from her for the porno tape, which YES it is illegal and he can go to jail for. I work for a lawyer and I hope her lawyer is smart enough to point that out that he is extorting her for money and he goes to jail. How GREAT would that be. HAHAHAHA
vmruby vmruby 10 years
i don't give her too much credit for this one. like someone else above previously said she has people she pays to do the thinking for her and IMO she would have been considered to be alot smarter if she hadn't married that useless piece of crap in the first place.
Cyn_MF_Cyn Cyn_MF_Cyn 10 years
Personally... I would rather watch her fall off the face of the earth. Can't stand her what so ever. She's nothing but trash, washed up and needs to get her priorities straight... that would be her children. Not looking like trash like she is trying to get back into the limelight again.. and the cover of magizenes.. I give MUCH MUCH Kudos to my Justin for his comment on this all. We all forget the important issues that are in our lives... but we are too tied up with all the celebrity drama. We forget about our brothers and sisters who are dying in another country for us to be free. Just my humble opinion. "Take my picture by the Pool, cause I'm the next big thing"
turtle-girl turtle-girl 10 years
Like she's done any of this on her own...come on people, she's got a great lawyer/law team. I'm not saying she's not smart - but she definitely not an "atute business woman"...she pays people for that.
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
i think she wanted fed ex for his sperm, another stupid choice but hey, at least he aint getting no cash!
Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
Yeah, blackmail is illegal. And the man is stupid enough to think that anyone would really care about a porno of them together. And he couldn't use it in court because... um... duh, HE'S in it, too. I'd let him sell it and then fight his ass in court for 1/2 the money because, hey, it was a "family" project.
sofi sofi 10 years
Subconscious?? Not so much. She married the first guy as a way to rebel, but to do it again- not smart. She wanted babies and had an arrangement with him. Why- because he is so attractive, smart, and charming??? The only thing he he has going for him is that he is so fertile. I sure hope this was all just a phase for her- two kids later let's hope she's really aware and awake to the fact that she needs to act more maturely as a single mom of two very young children.
1Knight 1Knight 10 years
ya, this one is sure not a smart cookie!
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
You know I think the whole marring KFed was a subconsicous act of rebeling. She had been in the public eye since she was a little and was always being told what to do so I think she snapped in a way. Everyone told her hes horrible, dont marry him and so on . So it make him more appealing to her. Everyone makes mistakes and this was hers. She was smart for getting out . Who cares who helped her along the way to protect her. Love is blind and so was Brit for a while. This girl is far from stupid.
LoneWolf LoneWolf 10 years
Smart? Really? No. Fuck no. My guess is that Brit had people working for her, including her mom, who protected her assets from husband No. 1 and husband No. 2. If you've seen this woman speak for more than two minutes, smart is not the word you're going to use to describe her. Why does this appall me more than anything I've read on this site? I may be too sensitive...
la_clique la_clique 10 years
Smart. Ha. haa. Haaaahaaa. Mmmmuuuuwaaaaaahahahahahaa. I needed a good laugh!
Fashionista_911 Fashionista_911 10 years
I'm not a big Britney fan. Actually I don't care for her at all. That being said, she's not the smart one. Sorry I know sad but true. It's her people that are the smart ones; mama, lawyers and company. They were the ones who had to pull her aside and say pre-nup! She was still trying to convince people that FedEx loved her not her millions. Now if she was so dang smart she would have never gotten herself into this whole situation in the first place. Yeah I know live and learn, but she should have used protection instead of procreating with him...not once but twice!!! The Horror!!! Anyways, I will give her props for filing for that's smart!
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 10 years
if she was so smart she would have never married him and gotten knocked up 2 times...the only reason she has all this "iron clad" paperwork is cuz so many people (ie: her lawyers, publisist, family, etc)make their living off of her... dont be fooled she really dosent have as much say in her life as people think she does, she cant even write her own music or sing her own songs do we really think shes masterminding her "empire"...ugh enough with this overrated, undertalented, publicity seeking whatever you want to call her, trash (for lack of better words) "stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it and live the phrase sky's the limit."
bonbonfay bonbonfay 10 years
I just saw on another website that KFed has a porno of him and Britney and will sell it to either Brit for $30 million and custody of the kids, or to some company for $50 million who will publish it on the web...isn't that blackmail??? And isn't it illegal???? ~Bonnie~
babsee babsee 10 years
yes--my pic is robert plant. the one and only. yummm--my. and brit could have chosen anyone to father her kid--- why dredge the bottom of the pool???
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Double-vision!! :oops:
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
If that's directed at me, I never hated her. I was embarrassed for her. There's a difference.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
cool to see all the brit haters liking her now. she's never been the brightest apple but she's a great performer., agents and lawyers and advisors are her brain.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
ahhhhhhh Brit...I have restored my like for you!
mar mar 10 years
Britney for President! If she is so intelligent , maybe she can go work for TEAM AMERICA! " We are losing intelligence, I repeat, we have no intelligence"
cuban_queen cuban_queen 10 years
did anybody hear that K-fed was seen leaving walmart buying clothes and staying in cheap hotels???? I wonder where he is going live? LOL!!!!!!
sashak sashak 10 years
eh, I don't know that i'd call her smart. she's damn lucky that she has smart people looking out for her though...
highsociety1 highsociety1 10 years
If Britney Spears is "smart", then Tori Spelling is "gorgeous." Uh-huh. Maybe in an alternate universe. There's nothing "smart" about having a string of high paid lawyers who breathe just to protect your assests and grow your brand. Britney is no "smarter" than Paris in that sense. Haven't any of you heard her speak?! She's painful to watch. (and isn't it true that she practically had to be hand-forced to sign a pre-nup with Kevin? Yeah, she's a real Einstein, that one.)
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