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demeter demeter 10 years
She doesn't look too horrible.
Yesenia1984 Yesenia1984 10 years
She looks like a hooker in the corner in the ghetto
bwenth bwenth 10 years
she looks so So SO cheap!
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
she looks SO THICK here :(
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 10 years
The hair, the little hat... its lookin' okay... From the neck down? :SICK: Not liking the outfit.
killaajc killaajc 10 years
leave her the hell alone ya she is a little thick she had to kids, and has problems with her mother, ex husband, friends are turning on her, she is 25 and who give a fuck what the bitch is wearing lol! she is a preformer what the fuck is she suposed to where now and days? like are yall really serious with this?! she is amzing at what she does we might want to hate but she has made all of us at one point want to dance so stop hating and wait you will all be on her side when this shit is threw. oh and for you who say she is a bad mother are you with her 24 seven? hell no when she does go out the kids are with kevien if you have really noticed! and she is really serious about getting back and im on her team.
wicca_08 wicca_08 10 years
Eew! The cellulites!!!
wowjules wowjules 10 years
She needs to stop being so crazy. ugh.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
OMG! This is awful. Shouldn't she have toned up a little more for that little of an outfit. Don't get me wrong she looks a hell of a lot thinner than me but still. I'm embarrassed for her.
tiabia tiabia 10 years
YAY, barjar1122, where have you been...kicking kitties!!!!! PS: Love2hate, they were the pictures from last week, where Spears wore a nude colored dress, and was "playing" with her kids in her backyard. Also, as I previously stated, Britney Spears has the best core audience/fans out there: young impressionable girls that are now adults, and the gay male community (see Barbara Streisand)!!!!
barjar1122 barjar1122 10 years
A mourning video???? That is perfect. She would wear this outfit to a funeral. MMMMMMMOOOOOOOO
Marci Marci 10 years
See, this is precisely what I mean when I say everytime I think she's hit an all time low, I see another photo like this. She's an effin' mess.
Jillness Jillness 10 years
No actually, it wasn't Courtney Love and I am not naive. She was doing "sometimes" in the outfit she wore in the video, and she didn't wear a bra and her nips were completely visable. This happened around the time her Rollingstone cover came out, and a parent group boycotted her. In front of children, this is especially disturbing. The second nip slip at the Kids Choice Awards was when she was wearing a pink fringy dress, and it was too low cut, and half of her nip popped out. Once again, at a CHILDREN'S show. As I said, she has been pulling this attnetion seeking stuff for a while. She is not better than the desperate girls on Girls Gone Wild. You ask who cares if she wears a bra? Why wear a top at all if you are going to have that attitude?
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
seeanguardia seeanguardia 10 years
I think her hair looks amazing... sad it's not real lol
deejvid1 deejvid1 10 years
Hmm..I dont know..her hair is gorgeos but outfit..I dont like it.But the body looks quite good but you know its not one year after givin birth to Jayden yet. What do ya think? Give her a time..and she will make a big comeback..!
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Hey Jillness! It's no fair to compare Britney to David Cassidy, because he can really sing and dance. Outside of his PF work he recorded a lot of solo albums, way back before Auto Tune was invented and singers had to really sing. He's been in a lot of hit shows on Broadway and in Vegas, including musicals where he had to sing and dance at the same time, and has oodles more talent than Britney can even imagine.
giazpt giazpt 10 years
Her hair looks great but she could have chosen a better outfit.Iam waiting for her comeback.
love2hate love2hate 10 years
dude! the kids choice thing wasn't her! that was courtney love at some other awards! i can't believe you were naive enough to believe it was britney! and who the fuck cares if she doesn't wear a bra!?
juiceejuice juiceejuice 10 years
did you guys hear that she applied to be a waitress at le duex?
misslarue misslarue 10 years
PerzHilton is saying that she did an interview with OK! magazine yesterday on the set of her video and it will be out next week with her on the cover..With no one around to monitor her answers, imagine the crazy crap she will say!
Jillness Jillness 10 years
It isn't "over and done", she continues to do it even though she isn't hanging out with Paris. She is doing it in these pictures, for goodness sakes! And she has been doing it since she was young. Remember the Kid's Choice Awards when she wore a white shirt and no bra? The time when her nip slipped out of her Kid's Choice dress? I saw her at her camp one time, wearing a green t-shirt and no bra to meet disadvantaged 8 year olds. She has always been tacky, she just used to have people to hide it. What you are seeing now, is the REAL her. I think her repeated behavior speaks volumes more than the produced and perfected image created by record companies. She was so spoiled in Chaotic. Lizadilly is SO RIGHT!! Women need to have respect for themselves, and demand better.
love2hate love2hate 10 years
thats the thing, its not propaganda, she's always been herself. she didn't flash her goodies to the world until she met paris hilton. lindsay didn't do it either until she was friends with paris. yeah it was bad judgement on britney's part but it's over and done, what are you gonna do? hold that against her for the rest of her life? it's kind of rediculous.
lizadilly lizadilly 10 years
sorchia -- i feel bad for you if your parents raised you to have no opinions and to think anything anyone does is OK. this girl needs an intervention. she's a bad mother (loving your kids does not make you a good parent -- that's the easy part; you actually have to work to be a good parent), she's a terrible example to girls, and she pollutes our culture with crappy, effortless jingles. plus she puts herself out there to be judged -- it's not like she's our nextdoor neighbor; she's a product trying to sell herself and we're just not buying. consumers, music fans, and women need to say NO to the indulgence of vapid, narcissistic pop stars and their wreckless lifestyles.
misslarue misslarue 10 years
You know Shar Jackson must be laughing her ass off at this train wreck!!
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