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Britney's Lawyer Bails Amidst More Sticky Rumors

Britney's Lawyer Bails Amidst More Sticky Rumors

Britney didn't make any surprise appearance at last night's Emmys, but she's still in the headlines. Another day in the Britney/Kevin custody battle. After rumors that Kevin's side would present a damaging new "secret witness", Britney's lawyer Laura Wasser has reportedly decided to jump ship. It's no surprise that Britney is difficult to deal with and probably doesn't listen much to advice, plus this isn't the first time that Wasser has threatened to leave. Hopefully her new lawyer is up for the challenge.

Wasser will probably be happy that she decided to leave when she did, because the other big rumor about Britney this morning is more than a little unpleasant. The UK's The Sun is reporting that Brit has been banned from the Chateau Marmont for her bizarre behavior. Most notably they're saying that one night she disrupted diners in the hotel's restaurant by "smearing" food on her face. Ew, ew. Hopefully that's a total exaggeration.

Also sadly for Britney, Gimme More isn't doing so well on the radio. Her new single was apparently picking up steam, but has dropped in spins since her VMA performance last week. Maybe it's time for some more of that new music?

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