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Britney Loses Visitation Rights, In Hospital for Possibly Two Weeks

Britney Loses Visitation Rights, Has Whole Family By Her Side

Britney Spears has lost all visitation rights with her children until further notice. Her and Kevin's respective legal teams were in court this afternoon after Mark Vincent Kaplan made it clear that's what he would be asking for. TMZ is reporting that her rights have been suspended entirely until their next hearing on January 14, also that there are other court orders that will be made public on Monday. Meanwhile, the only word out of Brit's camp is that her entire family — Lynne, Jamie Lynn, Jamie and Bryan — are with her in the hospital and asking that people pray for their girl. As they left the courtroom Kaplan commented to the press, "There are no winners here."

Other tidbits of news from this ongoing story are that Brit may end up staying in the hospital for two weeks. Also the LAPD will not file any charges against her regarding last night and the bruise that Jayden James had when he went into the hospital was not from last night and Britney supposedly had nothing do with it.

In case you missed any of our previous coverage of last night's Britney debacle, check out the story here, an update here and our poll on whether or not you all were surprised (you weren't) here. As much as I saw another breakdown coming for Brit, I never expected this.
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