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Britney's Losing Big Time

Britney's Losing Big Time

The hits keep on coming for Britney, and not in the good way. First off, early projections for her album were overestimated. While predictions said she would sell 350,000 albums, it turned out to be only 290,000. That news is not the only major blow to Brit's ego. Blackout was supposed to technically be No. 1 on the charts but Billboard decided to change the rules this week and include record sales from single retail outlets. This means The Eagles, who debuted their album exclusively at Walmart and sold over 700,000 copies, bumped Britney out of the top spot by a longshot.

Oh but we're not done yet. Broke lame ass Kevin Federline is now making Britney pay for his legal bills. The man with a great PR campaign has turned his image around as the good parent in this couple and no matter how much he claims he doesn't care about the money, clearly he wants and needs the help. The judge has ordered Britney to pay up $120,000 to cover legal expenses. Just when things started to look like they were headed in the right direction for Spears she gets smacked down. What's next?


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Tangie Tangie 9 years
I'm just glad that I don't have to take part in this Soap Opera.
Hope5 Hope5 9 years
She'll lose her Children for good if she doesn't make some major changes in her life!
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 9 years
her albums great! and fed-EX SHOULD ask for attorney fees, she can afford it and it was her irresponsible behavior that forced him to take legal action.
ambz323 ambz323 9 years
i hate k-fed.PERIOD.the end.
Daddisgrl Daddisgrl 9 years
And when will my Ex pay my legal bills? Kevin is a low life scum. He left Shar because he knew he'd strike it rich with Brit. He surely doesn't deserve the kids... Where's Angelina when you need her?
quarian quarian 9 years
Not a fan of either but no way Federline can be said to be justified in any way. He abandons his baby when it's still in the mother, what about that says good father to you? It might be a case of he's less of a terrible father here than he was with the children from the previous marriage. As someone else pointed out, only 2 of the kids are brit so why should brit have to support his other 2 kids? And is his lack of contribution to the kids financially because he is unable to earn money or unwilling to work. And seriously, all this money to support the kids, how much is actually being spent on the kids? I read a post recently that most of his bills are for his rental, bodyguard, entertainment..which part of that sounds like milk powder or even childcare? And it's not like the man doesn't have hands and feet and dance experience, why doesn't he just get a job! Or would that be stooping below his station in life now..
kyutie kyutie 9 years
"Oh if only our judicial system truly lived up to the blind faith that so many have put into it." "Yes lets place ALL of our trust in the infalliable judicial system." Exactly the point. You know that justice is not infallible. The one with the most money usually get away with most things. Poor people do not get proper representative, and rich people get away with things. What does it tell you that Britney with all the money that she has, she still lost the 50/50 custody battle? She can bring her own Experts and Witnesses to sway the court, and she can hire all the best private investigators to bash her ex. Hell, she does not even have to do it herself, her lawyers can do it for her. All these make me convince, Britney and her team of lawyers don't have anything on Kevin.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Zasu, your argument doesn't hold up because the album with the largest first week sales this year was Kayne West at 960,000. He's closer to the Britney-download-for-free generation than the Eagles. The bottom line is that Britney is losing big time because Britney is a loser.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
And tomorrow those lawyer bills go a little higher. TMZ reports: K-Fed is going back to court tomorrow, arguing that Brit is violating the Commissioner's drug testing order. Sources say K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, will go before L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon tomorrow morning, arguing that Britney has failed to respond in a timely manner when she is called for random drug testing. We're told Kaplan will ask to modify the existing custody order, giving Britney limited visitation rights. We're told neither Britney nor K-Fed will be present. And, we're told, this could be a real dogfight.
snitzelv snitzelv 9 years
every1 keeps saying kfed is like totally some type of god for stepping up and taking care of the kids, hello there his kids so hell yeah he should be taking care of them 2, if britney ever needed help he should be the first person she could lean on they made the kids together!!!!!! he didnt care much when they seperated and he left to party and celebrate being a free man with britneys money!!!! where was his responible ways then!!!!!!!! i have no doubt they both love there kids but seriously would kfed be trying so hard to get the kids if britney was poor!!!!!! no i dont think so!!!!!!!! hes getting paid to look after his own kids and all he has to do is pay some1 els to look after them!!!!!!
snitzelv snitzelv 9 years
dont worry britney ur still awsome as ever love ya stuff!!!!!! no one knows whats the deal with u and ur situation, all we read is magazines and gossip collums and entertainment news and every body know just how reliable they r??????? especially when everybody is so interested to know about ur life!!!!!!!!! britney will find her feet again and when she does it will be thanks to no one but herself and kids!!!! y dont magazines find something other than ppls personal problems to sell magazines, id rather read about a celebrities good fortune and what there careers a like not bashing there emotions with lies about there personal lives!!!!!!! i hate seeing celebrity photos of someone whos bent over and flashed there knickers or some1 picking there nose there humans just like us and think about the invasive photographer that followed them around for hours!!!!!
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"You can't tell me that it takes $15,000 a month to raise two children" One of the biggest expenses Kevin has right now is "security", according to the financial reports that were released the other day. Also, you don't see him at all because he makes it a priority to keep ALL of his kids away from the paparazzi when they are with him.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
Zasu, the judge has said he thinks she is a danger to her children. I think the details go farther than coke, but they are not released to the media. Especially with the way family law in CA is designed to favor the mother, she couldnt' have her kids taken from her for just petty offenses.
Zasu Zasu 9 years
To be painfully fair - the Eagles fan base is older, more willing to fork over cash for a CD and loyal (I've been one for 30 years, I know). The Britney fan base wants "free mp3s". I don't believe what I read in the papers, and if giving your kid coca cola and driving around without child seats made for a bad parent, my mom and dad SUCKED. Not to mention being latch key kids, and thinking 7 year olds were capable guardians of the younger ones. We were allowed to wander freely in the city. Do you think I can sue them for ptsd?
Re88 Re88 9 years
Let's get this straight, Kevin has had some odd jobs here and there. Don't forget he did do a few episodes for one tree hil earlier.I still don't get why people are pissed off that Britney has to pay his legal fees. It doesn't affect us personally and I doubt she is hurting for money. She is basically making $800,000 for doing nothing a month. This won't even put a dent in her bank account.I feel no pity for her and I don't see why people do. I'm not. Kevin's other two kids are fine and being taken care of. Shar has said so many times that Kevin is a good father to them. Also, their mother is sane so comparing them to this situation isn't fair.
colieoats colieoats 9 years
Isn't it currently something like she's paying $15,000 in child support and $20,000 in spousal support? You can't tell me that it takes $15,000 a month to raise two children. I understand her income is taken into account, but you also can't tell me that Kevin isn't loving that he's gonna be getting 'paid' to take care of his OWN children. I, like many others, wonder about his other two children. What's going on with them. Daddy doesn't get a paycheck for them so we don't hear or SEE much of them with Kevin. I think neither one of these two (Britney or Kevin) are what you would call a "good" parent. Hopefully by the end of this both of them will get their acts together. I remember a time when it was all over the media how Kevin was out partying and being all crazy...he's not mr. innocent here. I wonder if after all is said and done they'll try and rekindle whatever it was that they started out with...I can sooo see that happening!
MsLori MsLori 9 years
I'm surprised she sold any albums, she didn't put forth any effort in promoting it, or creating it. It's so half assed all around, it's a wonder anyone purchased it. She's a pathetic joke. Her record company will be dumping her very soon, everyone in the industry is getting sick of all her bullshit.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
One more point... As far as sales go here is a comparison with her peers: Opening weeks: Beyonce BDay- 541,000 Justin Timberlake FS/LS- 684,000 Christina Aguilera- 342,000 (and it was a double cd under 100 minutes, so the extra cost usually leads to lower sales and the double cd didn't count twice). Even if she was number 1, the decline is clear.
judylai81 judylai81 9 years
Ummm Kfed or britney .. whose the biggest loser.. that will always be a heated discussion. I do think that they both need to get their act together cuz at this rate the kids are gonna be just as messed up as their parents by the time their 10. Poor kids! I will give credit where it's due though... Kfed is at least taking care of them when he could have left them to Brit when she does need more help than he does.
MsLori MsLori 9 years
It's funny how everyone comes down on his ass but he's the only one who's stepped up & is acting like a responsible parent to those boys. She could care less and her actions are worse than anything KFed has done before. I'm not saying he's an angel or great but he's definately showed much more responisbility than she has!! I'm glad her album flopped, good she doesn't deserve a damn thing.
chatnoir chatnoir 9 years
It shocks me people are still defending Britney. Love the Eagles.. Hate WalMark..
Ginger Ginger 9 years
And for Popsugar's blind support of Britney, maybe they are taking a page from the X17 playbook, where posting a controversial point gets people heated up to post more, reload the page more, which equals more page hits, translating into ad revenue. How else do you think these sites pay the bills? I don't believe that X17 actually likes Britney that much, it's just a meal ticket. They would just as easily sell her out if it made them more money.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Most of the people bashing Kevin don't seem to be informed of facts in the case (like those who scream, "why didn't he fight Shar for custody, why doesn't he get a job.") or how the legal system works. As in, it's standard family law for the wealthier party to pay the legal expenses, not something Kevin's lawyer thought up. Shar has ALWAYS said he was a good father. That's not something he just picked up for this court case.
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"So the fact that a court/expert says something doesn't make it true to the point where you shouldn't have doubt." It isn't just the court! It is the Commisioner, the court appointed supervisor, her former employees, Allure, the list goes on and on. Live in fantasy land if you want, but denying the obvious doesn't make it less true. You act like Britney is being framed by the court system because they prefer Christina or something!
Jillness Jillness 9 years
"if only our judicial system truly lived up to the blind faith that so many have put into it" For the majority, it works. The instances you listed were exceptions to the rule, not the average case. Wow, you have to really be in denial to think that Brit is a victim of the court here. There have been so many, many witnesses to her terrible behavior, I just don't see how you could doubt the courts in this instance.
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