The hits keep on coming for Britney, and not in the good way. First off, early projections for her album were overestimated. While predictions said she would sell 350,000 albums, it turned out to be only 290,000. That news is not the only major blow to Brit's ego. Blackout was supposed to technically be No. 1 on the charts but Billboard decided to change the rules this week and include record sales from single retail outlets. This means The Eagles, who debuted their album exclusively at Walmart and sold over 700,000 copies, bumped Britney out of the top spot by a longshot.

Oh but we're not done yet. Broke lame ass Kevin Federline is now making Britney pay for his legal bills. The man with a great PR campaign has turned his image around as the good parent in this couple and no matter how much he claims he doesn't care about the money, clearly he wants and needs the help. The judge has ordered Britney to pay up $120,000 to cover legal expenses. Just when things started to look like they were headed in the right direction for Spears she gets smacked down. What's next?