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Britney at Mardi Gras

GMA has a promo of Britney pumping her Mardi Gras appearance on ABC. You can watch the clip here. Don't say she never does anything for her home town. She promises one surprise after another to help kick off Mardi Gras since Louisiana deserves a big party. I guess she is resting in Maui until Tuesday. More and more pregnancy rumors are surfacing but I don't believe them. I think Britney wants to get back work.

As for everyone's favorite - Kevin is now being linked to Jessica Simpson. The Scoop reports he was hitting on her at Privilege. They wrote:

Some claim that Britney Spears’ rapper-wannabe hubby, Kevin Federline, “made a beeline� for the recently separated reality show star at L.A. club Privilege.

“She invited him to sit down,� a clubgoer told Life & Style Weekly. “There was definitely some chemistry there.� Reps for the two insist they’re just old friends.

There is just so much crap out there - this has to be one of them. Since when are Kevin and Jess old friends anyway?

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