Britney was all smiles when she turned herself in to the police last night, and naturally she had no problem sharing a few words with a reporter afterwards - watch the video here. She described the experience as amazing and then asked where the party was at. We'd like to think she was joking, but of course you can never really tell with Brit.

As always, we want to believe that Britney is taking some steps in the right direction despite her seemingly questionable public behavior. That being said, supposedly Britney is a lot more grounded than she is leading us to believe. According to music producer Dallas Austin, "She is very sane when she talks, believe it or not. She is normal and knows what is going on." He also said that Britney knew she wasn't ready for her VMA performance the night beforehand and that she just wanted to go home and be with her kids.

While it is encouraging to hear that Britney may be more responsible and with it than she seems, we're still hoping that soon we'll get to see more evidence.

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