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Britney's New Record Doesn't Jive

Britney's New Record Doesn't Jive

Things for Britney are just continuing to get worse. She was so exhausted she either collapsed or fell asleep at her own NYE party which prompted rumors of a possible stint in rehab. Here we see more from that night where she drops the F-bomb to her crowd. Now we hear bad news on her comeback album. Apparently it's been put on hold. Rumor is - it stinks! Here's more:

While in New York she was in the studio recording for Jive Records. She worked some nights until 4 a.m. laying down tracks for a new CD. She thinks it's the makings of a really great album. They don't.

Talk inside the company is that either it's redone, or they need to drop it - and her. When this recording session began, she'd just dumped Federline the Insect. It was not a good time in her life. To recharge her career, she reconnected with her long-ago first-time manager, the one who originally brought her to the heights, Larry Rudolph.

But constant headlined misbehavior is stoking the problem. Jive fears she's alienating her fan base. Their fan base. Jive caters to a young music-buyer, and the continued atmosphere - drinking, bingeing, partying, whatevering, photos with no panties for a mother of two infants - is hitting sour notes. Besides, Jive is not in sync with the five tracks Brit delivered. Conversation in their offices is: If we bear the expense of a redo, is it possible that, down the road, because of the way she's going, we could end up with a really bad product? Or one that won't sell?

The recording has stopped midway. Nothing more's been done because the company doesn't yet know what it wants to do. But that recent front page ain't helping.

When asked for comment Larry Rudolph said, "I don't know where your information came from, but I can only tell you we're in the middle of recording an album. And you can quote me on that." That's not exactly denying any of the bad rumors, but let's hope she gets rest and back to work to create something exciting.

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Padraigin Padraigin 10 years
The record will sell. Not as big as she would like, but it will sell. She's a trainwreck and people often have to hear trainwrecks for themselves.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
The records will sell not matter what.. I'm hoping for a Britney shape up! ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
flower flower 10 years
the anticipation of her new albums first week sales is walking on pins and needles will she or wont she bomb.. someone ought to make a betting poll with how much she sells first week...hehe o wait..make that a webpage me so bad
Cyn_MF_Cyn Cyn_MF_Cyn 10 years
Ah, so glad to hear that she is biting the big one. She sucks. Always has always will. Sorry never ever been a fan of hers. Only song that I dug was Toxic. Everything else was too cry, whiney, nasally singing.. which I cannot stand. This bubblegum tart needs to get her priorities straight and tend to her children. Goes to show that in the celeb life. Its not how talented u really are, its who u know. *rolls eyes* this girls talented as a flea circus.
teddybear teddybear 10 years
The many voices of Britney: the whiny baby voice the stong southern accent voice the screeching sound she calls singing and this deep voice she used at New Year's that I've never heard before. Maybe she has that many different Britney's living inside of her.
sakibomb sakibomb 10 years
So, Britney's new album apparently stinks? Well, no duh, I could've told you that even before she recorded the first new song. I mean, judging by all her previous cds, you can't expect too much out of this girl. It just sucks that talentless people like Britney can go and get a top notch producer to make hits for them. This is why the state of music has steadily declined in the last five years.Britney, please do us all a favor and GO AWAY!
LizaToad LizaToad 10 years
i have faith in brit - she knows what sells
lillie lillie 10 years
I actually feel a whizz of pity for Brit. I do agree that it won't sell as hot as before, but I thinK Brit should get another chance. It's a new year, she can change. Obviously Britney cannot change what she has done; with all her partying and alcohol, but she can change where she is heading. Maybe if she gets a new manager she can possibly climb up the ladder again. But right now, there is almost little hope for this once hot diva.
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
No she has more than likely blown her chance for a comeback in 2007. She needs to go away with her somewhere remote and regroup for like a year or two and then shock every one with a grown up, levelheaded, mom of two but still sexy Brit.. ah who the hell am I kidding that was exhasuting just having to write it..she is done.
mar mar 10 years
I have a question- what was so great about her even when she was popular? Her pretty hair and make up? Please do not say her music because she may have had 2 songs that I could actually tolerate. She really has a sucky singing voice. You know what she had? Her innocence and her young little cute ways, which are way long gone, I see no chance of her ever being remotely close to what she was.
sweetnsour sweetnsour 10 years
Playsindirt---I love that comment. I could truly care LESS. I wish her and her babies well, but I could take or leave a comeback.
mandyjean mandyjean 10 years
I mean really, don't make it so obvious that you had a crappy 2006.
mandyjean mandyjean 10 years
aww, come on brit, you can do better than that!
gagirl gagirl 10 years
Please, she'll make a comeback. Yes, she's a hot mess right now but I'm hoping Larry Rudolph and her damn parents can help her out. She already had to come crawling back to Larry so I'm sure she knows she made a mess of herself over the past couple years. But as long as she puts out some good music, people will buy it. I don't believe that story at all about Jive.
Deba Deba 10 years
Actually the next thing its going to happen on Britney's career its her life story on E True Hollywood story.... lol
emmad18 emmad18 10 years
what is it about her that really makes me want her to do well? i should hate her but i cant!!
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 10 years
Its a wrap everyone...Britney has fell off, next stop rehab and a VH1 "Behind The Music" special.
Deba Deba 10 years
Oh yes, she'll make a comeback, but I dont know what Britney's fans are expecting, another "hit" like "Ooops I did it again", she is not a teenager anymore, actually she is a twice divorced alcoholic single mom.... how do you sell that product? So lets be honest here, Jive Records will not put millions of $$$$ on that kind of "product" just to see them go down the toilet.
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
I think the career suicide is complete. Now she can go away ... please.
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
im not holding my breath for anything spectacular, peoples expectations are so high that if her album isnt a number 1 or a top 10 shes gonna go down so fast she wont know what hit her.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Oh Britney, how far you have fallen from the day you announced you were leaving Fed-Ex
Ginger Ginger 10 years
Many good points PG! She had a young fan base at her peak, which can be pretty fickle about buying records a few years later. Just ask Tiffany! The hard partying twice-divorced single mom image is not going to attract a new young audience. Are there any pop divas in her age range with kids who sell well? It would be a sad mistake if she's thinking she can do what Justin did. He had no scandals, spouses, and wasn't "away" from the industry as long.
PrettyGurl PrettyGurl 10 years
And for the record I think she is delusional and thinks that since Justin came back all great that she can. I think her fans have moved on and grown up and appreciate real singers. Britney lip synched damn near all the time. She can sing but not half as good as Christina or Mariah or even Leona - the new IDOL. I mean even Kelly Clarkson and American Idols can sing better. Really - lets just be honest here. She can dance - I'll give her that. She is just tabloid fodder and I don't think she realizes it. She will though. When those Nielsen Soundscan ratings come out. I do think, if she had stayed home with her kids - and just went to the recording studio and got in shape and just did interviews about her new album ( AND KEPT THAT STYLE SHE HAD THE FIRST 4 DAYS AFTER DUMPING KEVING ) that she probably would have been able to come back - IF she had a decent album. But I just don't think she even has a chance now. It will sell but not that great. I say 200K first week. Which for her is a failure.
PrettyGurl PrettyGurl 10 years
She is in trouble. I believe the Jive story. If she already started recording - they have already given her an advance and put money into producing this album. They need to make a decision now. The Company usually doesn't hear it until the artist records some songs. They will probably put it out because she will sell, just not like she EVER did before - but they might move her from the Jive main label to a smaller label. That's what happened to Jessica Simpson and her album just bombed so I guess they were smart in figuring she might not sell. These are real issues. It costs MONEY to produce tracks. Pharrell and Timbaland go for about $300K PER SONG. If they have to re-do the first 5 songs ALREADY??? That's ALOT of money especially considering she is not going to sell like she used to. Last studio album did about 700K first week. If that gets cut in half or WORSE the first week and then doesn't sell as good as even the last one they might not want to put that much money into it. They have probably already given her a hefty advance not knowing she would have this mess of a public life occur and then she probably gets $3 or $4 per record sold since she is a big star. They might not recoup their losses. This makes sense people. I wouldn't blow this story off. She has been gone for 3 years - I doubt that album will sell 700K the first week period - if it's NOT GREAT it's not going to sell 500K. So I believe it. Just something to think about. This is how it works. Christina just sold 320ishK the first week and it was a GREAT album so I don't know.
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
If Britney DOES make a comeback, it'll be thanks to her PR people, record producers, stylists, music video directors etc etc. There's NO WAY she could do it on her own, she is far to immature, naive & clueless for that!
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