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Britney's New Single - Gimme More

Britney's New Single - Gimme More

Now this is more like it! The few leaked songs that were supposedly Brit's big comeback were not the real thing but now we finally have the new song and the question is, Is Britney Back? The song will definitely make you want to get on the dance floor and make you wonder what it will be like to watch her perform it in that old school Britney way.

Now that the songs are out there, could we be getting a surprise appearance at the VMAs? We'd love to hope so since we'd much rather be writing posts like this one than about custody battles.

Gimme More

UPDATE: And since one new song is not enough (thanks to breatheheavy), here's a second single. We're liking the first one a LOT more.

Cold As Fire

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kittyhawk kittyhawk 10 years
ok. i must admit, upon second and third spins, the song is catchy. and as a musician i can tell you it's definitely a well-produced pop/dance song.
Sororityboy_105 Sororityboy_105 10 years
I really actually like this song....its catchy and of course has the hoochie mamma soung to it which we all expect from britney. I didn't care to much for "Cold as fire". But liked "Everybody". Keep bringin it Brit :0
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
marieantoinette marieantoinette 10 years
really danceable but that performance sucked
ash_aholic ash_aholic 10 years
i like the first one!!
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
It sounds okay.
xxlolprincessxx xxlolprincessxx 10 years
I love the beat but her songs about sex are getting old! She needs to apeal to all audiences if she's going to make a huge come back. and also present herself in a more respectable way! :) Keep tryin Brit
PP-RAW PP-RAW 10 years
think about it this way...this is what she sounds like AFTER it's overly produced and polished and engineered. SO BAD. This is the producers attempt at taking the vocal tracks that she has given them and trying to make her sound good. think about what they originally sounded like. And she lipsyncs live, so my point is...THE GIRL'S VOICE SUCKS!!!! She doesn't write her own songs, she can hardly sing them, so what does she do? Overcharge her fans to watch someone lipsync in this little babyvoice in clothes from some trashy store at the mall and do hideous dance moves. BOOOORING. all you are fools if you like her...she is literally fooling you. she isn't making music...she is selling it...and you are buying, bc she is not an artist, she is a brand, and all people are trying to do is market her to you, so that they can get rich...and it worked, bc you allowed it. There is no way that she would ever win a talent competition...but somehow you have all made her rich enough to be able to live the crazy life she lives.
TBentzen TBentzen 10 years
I have heard better!
asianchick asianchick 10 years
The second song really really stinks...what is up with her voice on this track? sounds terrible
prplegem21 prplegem21 10 years
its so so
Minxie Minxie 10 years
p.s. the faux laser tag beam sounds in "Cold as Fire" are completely annoying, the producer should be ____. Minxie out. . . time for bed, enough about people none of us really know.
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 10 years
like the underdog I hope she makes a good come back and from it it helps her refocus. that is why I am getting her album when it comes out. to show support
Minxie Minxie 10 years
Come on guys, everyone likes the "idea" of some sort of comeback for the fallen princess of pop or in any entertainment or sports genre. Maybe this song will help with a temporary comeback of sorts or not. . . time will tell. Atleast she's attempting to stick to what she does best, catchy pop/dance tunes.
kristyrk kristyrk 10 years
L O V E Gimmie More!!! I can't stop dancing to it!!
HeatherinHouston HeatherinHouston 10 years
I was skeptical, but its pretty good, I like it!
lucrecia lucrecia 10 years
I really don't get how is she pretending to make a comeback with these songs. They simply aren't real music!
in-the-zone-brit in-the-zone-brit 10 years
love itttt i think its good and a good track to start of with and yea britney new single is tearing up the charts so sorry for the haters told yalkl shell be back.dont beleive go to UBRITNEY.COM and youll see.
nikibrit nikibrit 10 years
Yes...the song sounds good and its gonna be a big hit....But as for her comeback she needs a "Toxic" Kinda' song..any way shez gonna rock again...
sugar_Cube sugar_Cube 10 years
hmmmmm ,,, dunno =P
Kerlibta Kerlibta 10 years
I thought her first single would've been worse
breakingheartsx3 breakingheartsx3 10 years
Britney Spears is like the Michael Jackson of this generation.
prettybaby44 prettybaby44 10 years
I really don't think (or hope) the second one is even her singing. It's way too high pitched.
miz-vanessa-anne miz-vanessa-anne 10 years
i liked it. sounds like a good dancing song. don't like the second one as much. i think it sounds just like her earlier work, which is a miracle while you're looking at her mental status. xD reminds me of her last CD, which i liked. so that's good for me. everyone's dissing her again.. not a surprise, for those who didn't like her music before. O.O
fashionhore fashionhore 10 years
sweaky= squeaky! Totally can't spell.
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